How to lose weight, part 2 of 17

Do you want to lose weight? Here’s part 2 of a 17-part series of blog posts. You can read all the posted tips on the How to Lose Weight-page.

The first and most important advice was to choose a low carb diet. Here’s the second:

2. Eat When Hungry

Don’t be hungry. The most common mistake when starting a low carb diet: Reducing carb intake while still being afraid of fat. The problem is that carbs and fat are the body’s two main energy sources. It needs at least one.
Butter and olive oil
Low carb AND low fat = starvation

Avoiding both carbs and fat results in hunger, cravings and fatigue. Sooner or later people can’t stand it and give up. The solution is to eat more natural fat until you feel satisfied. For example:

  • Butter
  • Full-fat cream
  • Olive oil
  • Meat (including the fat)
  • Fatty fish
  • Bacon
  • Eggs
  • Coconut oil, etc.

Always eat enough, so that you feel satisfied, especially in the beginning of the weight-loss process. Doing this on a low carb diet means that the fat you eat will be burned as fuel by your body, as your levels of the fat storing hormone insulin will be lowered. You’ll become a fat burning machine. You’ll lose excess weight without hunger.

Do you still fear saturated fat? Don’t. The fear of saturated fat is based on obsolete theories that have been proven incorrect by modern science. Butter is fine food. However, feel free to eat mostly unsaturated fat (e.g. olive oil, avocado, fatty fish) if you prefer. This could be called a Mediterranean low carb diet and works great too.

Eating when hungry also implies something else: If you’re not hungry you probably don’t need to eat yet. When on a LCHF diet you can trust your feelings of hunger and satiety again. Feel free to eat the number of times per day that works best for you.

Some people eat three times a day and occasionally snack in between (note that frequent snacking could mean that you’d benefit from adding fat to your meals, to increase satiety). Some people only eat once or twice a day and never snack. Whatever works for you. Just eat when you’re hungry.


  1. JAUS
    Low fat + low carb = rabbit starvation. Fat is absolutely essential to eat.

  2. Gustav
    It is nice of you to make a comprehensive weight loss guide Andreas. Most of it seems to be geared towards the overweight though.
    Do you have any advice for people who want to lose those last five pounds of vanity weight?
    Also i have GREAT difficulties lowering my carb intake from 80-100 grams to sub-50. Could there be some deficiency behind this?
  3. Kashi
    This is great advice, but I'm on a medication with a side effect of appetite surpressant? How do I know how much to eat??? I sometimes find it hard to exceed 800 calories :(
  4. Louise Steyn
    I would so love to start a Low Carb Club based on your guide above! In South Africa though.
    Reply: #7
  5. NM
    Louise: one word - BILTONG!
  6. Erik
    From my reading, some people may do better on a slightly higher intake, especially those who are more heavily active. It's also possible that you are not sufficiently into ketosis such that your brain does not have enough glucose or ketones based on your diet.
    It would seem like interval training may be a good option, either through sprinting or liftifng. John Briffa mentions this in his book.
    There's no right answer. Find what works best for you.
    What I gathered from Donald Layman, who was on Jimmy Moore's program, is that 90 g of protein spread throughout 3 meals is optimal to preserve lean mass. Otherwise you should eat fat and vegetables as you would otherwise.
    Volek and Phinney concur with this, I believe, from their experiments when they gave people low calorie diets.
  7. Louise, let's get in touch - find me on Facebook. In Jozi, lost 23kg in the past 10 months.
  8. Thank you so much Doc for doing this awesome series with links :D
  9. Alan
    Hey, Doc - how about RAW eggs - I have taken to drinking 3 each morning for breakfast (always seem to be in a hurry - I find that these keep me going until lunch. Are RAW eggs OK??
  10. Gustav
    Thanks for the reply - the trouble is i'm actually not very active. I do strength training x3 a week but other than that i do nothing. If i want to stay in a higher carb-range i should probably add in sprinting to prevent increasing my cholesterol (LDL) no?
  11. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Sure. There may be some benefit from cooking them (better absorption of vitamin b7) but having them raw once a day is hardly a problem. Unless you worry about the very minor risk of salmonella infection.
  12. alan
    Thanks doc, loving this site by the way. :-)
  13. Ondrej
    My personal approach "How to lose weight" (And add muscle, which is equally important)

    1) Restrict calories through intermittent fasting 1-2x a week for 24 h.
    2) Eat mostly real food to hunger and satiety, but avoid limiting your food choices or obsessing over your diet.
    3) Drink water, tea or coffee, no sweet drinks.
    4) Maintain your daily protein intake at 100-120g, but don't obsess about this, just have some protein with your main meals.
    5) Sleep 9 hours a night(dark environment, actual sleep will be shorter), go to bed well before midnight ( max. 10 pm)
    6) Strength train 1x a week using High Intensity Training protocol. (,
    7) Walk for about 5 hours a week in total, no matter how you divide this.

    That's it.

  14. Sophie
    After an unfortunate diet experiment, I am dealing today with "rabbit starvation". I thought I had a bad flu but it was more serious digestive problems... I ate a bit of butter and everything came back to normal.
  15. Sp
    just wondering what exactly is full fat cream. I'm not sure of the classifications:
  16. Sandy
    @ Karen. Are you on a specific LCHF plan? I eat gluten free and try to keep carbs under 50/day. I have not been paying close attention to fats and proteins. No surprise I have not lost much weight. Feedback is appreciated :)
  17. Anybody can achieve his/her desired weight by planning to eat right diet food meals. When it comes to loosing weight, the best way to do it in a natural way is to eat a minimum of five kinds of fruits everyday because they are rich in fiber. Fiber is what helps in dissolving excess fats in our body.
  18. I will right away take hold of your rss feed as I
    can't to find your e-mail subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Please let me recognise so that I may just subscribe. Thanks.
  19. Tonina
    @Leona: Really? 5 different fruits? Are you not concerned with the insulin spike that would result especially in overweight and insulin resistant people? One can eat all the fiber they like but it won't make a difference if the fiber comes in a fructose bomb.

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