Weight loss and diabetes reversal: UK couple’s dramatic health improvements with low carb

Sue Jones, of Eastbourne, UK, always struggled with her weight. As she aged, she thought she was bound to die in her 60s like her mother.

But she had a lot more life to live. What could she do about her weight, her extreme tiredness and her new diagnosis of type 2 diabetes?

With her husband Michael by her side, they decided to try the low-carb diet. Soon they found it not only helped them both lose weight and reverse their chronic health conditions, they loved the food.

“I started to feel better. It wasn’t overnight, but it was very quickly. Within a couple of weeks for sure,” says Sue.

Discover how this couple found new fitness, energy, and good health while enjoying delicious and satisfying low-carb meals. Even their kids like the food.

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Sue Jones: I found that I was diabetic. That was quite an event for me. I would eat what I thought was well, I was ill.

Michael Jones: My wife signed up for this eight-week diet.

Sue: I started to feel better.

Michael: And we found it a much easier diet to follow than we had in the past, where you have to give up the really tasty food.

Sue: My husband and I both lost a lot of weight, I reversed my diabetes.

Michael: I can go on long walks now which I couldn’t do before, I can spend more time running around with the grandchildren.

Sue: If you present people with research-based evidence, people who really want to know… then how can somebody argue with that?