Reversing diabetes by ignoring the guidelines

Can you reverse diabetes by ignoring the guidelines? That’s what Dr. Sarah Hallberg says, and she should know because she has lots of experience helping her patients do just that.

Above is a small segment of an interview I did with Dr. Hallberg during Low Carb Vail 2016. Transcript

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“Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Starts with Ignoring the Guidelines”


  1. Edify Life
    Diabetes, stroke, heart attack can be controlled by following a proper diet menu. is a site, that is discussing the diseases preventing foods and other health benefits & nutrition facts of those foods.
  2. Tor H
    "Cancer as a mitochondrial metabolic disease"

    Lots of info :)

  3. karen medcoff
    um, my doctor told me to cut out carbs. I don't know of any doctor that will tell a diabetic to carb load
  4. Iveta
    life changing information....thank you very much, dr. Hallberg!
  5. deline
    Please, all doctors wear fuzzy slippers for their interviews.
  6. Carol Celik
    TYPE 2! TYPE2! TYPE2! Come one.. this should have been clear right from the beginning! Shame on you.
  7. Cindy
    Type 1 means you have no islet cells... at ALL. THAT means your body makes NO INSULIN AT ALL!!!

    THAT means, you cannot reverse your condition through diet, it also very highly likely means you are also NOT overweight.

    It should be freaking obvious. Having said that, I'm betting that eating enough fat, which most Americans don't do, due to the messed up guidelines for the last 50ish years, would probably still help stabilize BG, lower your A1C and reduce your dosage of insulin.

    The information presented here is to fight insulin resistance, which is probably not present if you can't produce it on your own.

    There is currently no cure for type 1 diabetes, unfortunately. Having said that, there have been advances in the procedures needed to transplant a healthy pancreas, and the really astounding one involves injecting capsaisin into the pancreas and it grows new Islet cells in response... in rats anyway.

  8. Gennie
    Give it a try. I began the LCHF diet in January because I researched the question Type 1 diabetes and high blood pressure. To my horror I found that excess insulin reduces the flexibility of the veins causing HBP. How nice, and thanks to all endocronologists for never telling me this critical piece of information.
    The first few weeks had no reduction in sugar levels. However, six weeks later and I have reduced my basal by 50% and bolus is also reduced because I am not dosing for carb loading. Blood pressure down from 150-180/90 to 140-150/85.
    I'm not LCing to lose weight, I want to be in the best of health so that when the way to regrow Islet Cells becomes known, I can do exactly that.

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