How the editor-in-chief became free from epilepsy


Can you recover and manage without antiepileptic drugs by changing your diet? Ask Christer Kustvik, editor-in-chief at Swedish newspaper Corren:

I hope you can stand some rampant joy, dear readers, because this column will be written in a state of euphoria.

The past week has been one of the absolute best in my life.

As I wrote on Facebook:

“Yiiiihaaaa! For the first time in 20 years, I am OFF ALL MEDICATIONS!! Two decades of epilepsy problems are suddenly under control thanks to changing my diet (fewer carbohydrates /sugar). Absolutely amazing, I feel like I’m flying!”

That’s how it is.

Fewer carbohydrates/sugar has given me a new life. A healthy life.

Suddenly I feel strong. Energetic. Light.

To get well when you’re sick is like a dream. A feeling difficult to understand for healthy people, I think. Arenas Filled with Junk Food

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  1. Alan
    That is wonderful Christer! How did you learn about LCHF (or the ketogenic diet) for seizures? Was it your MD? Did you suffer from side effects from the drugs? Did you watch the movie "First Do No Harm"?


  2. Christer
    Thanks a lot, Alan. It's my wife who has told me everything about LCHF. Not a word about it from my doctors. The drugs made me hungry and tired. I haven't seen that movie. What is it about? Is it good?
  3. sten
    Here a link to a short video introduction of ketogenic diet for kids.
  4. Brian W.
    Medication free for the first time after 2 decades... That has to be a thing of beauty. I've been having seizures since the mid 80's & I'm changing my diet TODAY. Close to 30 years of epilepsy/seizures/episodes, the dozens of medications, & countless ER visits along with extended hospitol stays to 'locate' where in my brain my siezures are based... All of that suffering & to read your story has now inspired me to begin this diet. But, Mr. Kustvik, I do have to say that I will not stop taking my meds simply because I read your article. I will bring this up to my doctor and/or neurologist.

    Thank you for sharing your experience.

    Brian M. W.

  5. Lynn Churchill
    Hi Brian.
    You may be interested to know that before we had drugs for epilepsy, a ketogenic diet (very low carbon) was the treatment for epilepsy - so nothing new but got lost along the way. Remember there is little money for drug companies in changing your nutrition!
    I am sure they would prefer the information to stay lost.....
  6. Gloria Kempvanee
    I have been epileptic all my life and wished I could live without pills. I am even on a strict diet. I am 39 with 2 kids and a single parent. I had brain surgery at the age of 11. They found a cancer causing tumor in my head. When I had mri's, Kat scans, regs, they didn't find nothing. 5Years later I started having seizures again. The doctor said i could never drive, or work or have kids. B.c. I worked most of my life till recently about 5 1/2 month's ago. When I had had seizures for almost 3Days straight. Then they put me in a coma. To get me to stay still. Then I got pneumonia. Then now here I am even after being thin, a health nut most my life. Now what?At least I am here with my kids alive. Lucky and blessed. But they say exercise less tell me how? I walk everywhere, can't drive can't ride a bike anymore. I eat like the Dr says and I get screwed still. Any suggestions, ideas or help?people say that life is what it is, I say no it's what you make it. I didn't choose epilepsy I was born with it. So help me with this please. Thanks.
  7. Nicole
    I too have been epileptic all my life due to a stroke while I was in the birth canal..I had always had up to 6 seizures a day. Tonic clonic. anyway in recent years I had 3 gran mals, all 3 due to drinking:( but I was in 1 for over 45 minutes and on life support for 12 days. My family was given the speach that I wasnt going to make it and if I did Id be brain dead and need 24-7 assistance. Only god knows how I made a full recovery from all 3. I cant say that its because of my diet because I dont eat like I should or as often as I should. Heck I just lost 20 lbs recently lol. I am on 200 mg twice a day for vimpat and 75 mg a day of lamictal. Tomorrow, I will be 1 month shy of being 3 yrs seizure free. ON top of the medacine, I am a smoker (not cigarettes) LOL and I truly believe it is why Im free. this is the 1st time in my life Ive even gone a day or 2 free. I am an epilepsy survivor for sure !
  8. just me
    Gloria and Nicole GOD BLESS YOU from the bottom of my heart I send you all my love. I have had seizures for a number of years but nothing, .... nothing at all even close to what you have been facing. I wish I coud take it away from you and make it stop completely. ALL I can do is wish you the best and pray for you, I wish it could be sooo much more. Good luck.....GOD BLESS!

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