“Without a doubt, definitely the best decision I have ever made”

Before and after

Before and after

Weight loss on LCHF – even if it’s 121 lbs (55 kg) in eight months – is often just a welcome bonus. Emmy Frisk knows this. She emailed me her story, and what a story:

The Email

Hi! I feel like sharing my story with you.

When I was younger, I was a healthy and happy girl of normal weight. But when I was 12 years old I was hit by epilepsy. I quickly turned into a different person. Due to the frequent seizures (often several times a week) and more medications with very difficult side effects, I became a girl who was constantly depressed, tired, and I gained a lot of weight. For eight years I lived my life in a tangible darkness, and completely without energy or joy of living.

In early 2014 I was told by my doctors that there was nothing more they could do for me, and that they had tried everything to stop the seizures. They said the only thing I could do was to hope that the seizures would disappear with time. At that time I was having seizures 3–4 times a week. I was quite overweight and because I was in such poor shape I couldn’t work either. In addition, this unsustainable situation had already brought me to a suicide attempt, and I knew that if there were no improvement soon, I’d make a second attempt.

I decided to take things into my own hands, and thought that at least I could try to lose some weight. In late February (8 months ago), I started to eat low-carb. Without a doubt, absolutely the very best decision I have ever made! Already in the first week my seizures disappeared. By 3 months on LCHF, I had phased out all drugs and was still seizure free. Today I’ve lost 121 pounds (55 kilo). I’m not taking any drugs, and I finally became that happy, healthy girl full of energy again. As long as I stick to LCHF, I don’t notice my disease at all and I don’t run out of energy.

Imagine that something as simple as reducing the amount of carbohydrates gave me my life back, and experiencing this journey has also made me grow a lot as a person. The plan now is to study to become a diet counselor, and I hope to help others in a similar situation.

I also want to thank the Diet Doctor for inspiring and great posts.

Sincerely, Emmy Frisk

Emmy Frisk, 20 years old. Please feel free to publish name and picture.

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  1. erdoke
    Sincere congratulations, Emmy! This is a fantastic achievement all by yourself.
    I'm not a little bit surprised though that the physicians involved in your medical history of epilepsy have not heard about the (I thought well known) positive effect of low carb lifestyle on this terrible disease.
  2. dan
    Wow congrats amazing story.
  3. Ruth Jewell
    What a wonderful story, thank goodness you found and trusted HFLC!!! So many dismiss it and suffer. Well done!
  4. Vicente
    Congratulations Emmy. You look awesome

    "something as simple as reducing the amount of carbohydrates gave me my life back"

    How did you learn about LCHF?

  5. Susan Kundert
    I am SO proud of you, Emmy! You have inspired me to get a grip on some things in my own life, as well. (Not diet-related, but career-related.) Thank you for stepping up to the challenge, and I am SO glad it worked for you!
  6. Anthony
    Go girl ! Take life "full on."
  7. Kerri
    Awesome! Congrats! Also, in regards to "Imagine that something as simple as reducing the amount of carbohydrates", don't forget that while you're crediting low carb for your amazing turn around, that eating the fat also gave your body what it needed! The fat is a huge part of it.
  8. Tara
    Have you been tested for gluten intolerance? Some folks manifest the sensitivity with seizures. The low carb would have likely made you gluten free indirectly. Congrats on your restored health! !!
    Reply: #13
  9. Ray Johnson
  10. NS
    This really is an impressive story. Regardless of where one stands on the macronutrient spectrum, this is really outstanding and has to be applauded. Best of luck with your future Emmy!!
  11. Murray
    Thanks Emmy. You remind us LCHF is not simply about attaining a more attractive physique for ourselves. It is an important healthcare tool for many and so it is important to battle for its acceptance by overcoming unfounded prejudices against it.
  12. n
  13. Alain
    Indeed, this is the first thing I thought by reading this : "Due to the frequent seizures (often several times a week) and more medications with very difficult side effects, I became a girl who was constantly depressed, tired, and I gained a lot of weight"

    All these symptoms are related with gluten intolerance. She should read the book of the Cardiologist William Davis.

  14. Marilyn
    Adding my congratulations, Emily!
  15. Pascale
    Great initiative on your part, Emmy! Although It is disappointing that physicians could not point you in this direction earlier, I applaud you for taking charge of your health and starting "somewhere". Leaving all decisions to physicians is a disease of its own! It is great that you took the matter in your own hands. Great story!
  16. Clare
    Wonderful story, so inspiring. I'm sure you'll make a great diet counsellor.
  17. Kate
    Adding my congratulations to others. You have your whole healthy happy life in front of you now. So wonderful that you've chosen to use your life in service to others. You will make a wonderful counselor. Go get it, girl! :)

    ~~ kate

  18. Brenda
    Congrats!!! Whenever I hear about someone that is dealing with seizures I tell them they really need to look at LCHF. I hope the take me seriously and at least consider LCHF.
  19. Tamarah
    I am so Happy for you. I have a friend who's 8 year old daughter died form seizures,, never was she diagnosed as an epileptic but had siezures from the time she was a baby . Once I started learning this about LCHF I asked her if the Drs ever said anything ,, she said she asked and they told her it wouldn't work for her Daughter. Well apparently they didn't give it a chance,, and their medications didn't work either as the Little girl died.
    I am truly so glad you turned your life around.. good for you .
  20. Angelica
    Hello Emmy, you are BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, FABULOUS a true inspiration to us all. You overcame the odds, BRAVO!! I struggle with mild Bi-Polar the LCHF helps me manage the disorder w/o meds. I pray the medical field will pull there heads out of their rears and listen to all the benefits a LCHF lifestyle has. Thank you!!
  21. Jessica Holbrook
    Congratulations! Amazing story.
  22. Saleh Al Hinai
    Wonderful story,congratulations, Emily!
  23. heidi
    What an amazing story! Congrats, Emmy! You are an inspiration!
  24. Leo
    I was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 13 because of a fall where I landed in my head. I experienced many grand-mal seizures a week, like you did and was put on Dilantin for 10 years before I switched over to Lamictal for the past 10+ years; it's better and I struggle less with fighting off seizures, but my body is tired constantly (side effect), and I'm gaining weight (bad food, little exercise). I'm about to embark on this diet for the benefit of my epilepsy, my weight because it affects my arthritis in my knees and lower back by having to hold the extra pounds, and my overall health and energy. As with all diets, I will go for it, follow the directions, and see where it takes me. If I experience results like yours (since we're all different), then God-willing I'll be where I've needed to be all along! Thanks for the inspiration and I hope I will get to submit my story, which means all this will have worked.

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