How to reverse type 2 diabetes – the video course!

Here’s a real treat, something we’re very proud of. The first part in the series How to Reverse Diabetes Type 2, our new video course with Dr. Jason Fung.

Can type 2 diabetes be reversed? Sure – it’s a completely reversible disease. But amazingly it’s usually treated as if it is a chronic disease that should get worse with time – with insulin and other drugs for life.

The result? Short term complications (like further weight gain) and long term complications (like amputations and dialysis). Misery.

There is a better way. The disease can be reversed with a proper dietary change. There’s already lots of free information at Diet Doctor on how to do it. But in this video guide we make it as simple as possible – even entertaining – to quickly learn everything you need.

Watch the first part above. The rest of the course, and much else, is available for members (free trial one month). Watch it here:

How to reverse type 2 diabetes – the video course

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The course continued

The Essential Problem with Type 2 Diabetes - Dr. Jason Fung
How to Reverse Diabetes Type 2 – Dr. Jason Fung
How to Reverse Diabetes Type 2 – Dr. Jason Fung

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How to reverse type 2 diabetes (older free guide)

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  1. Tammy Schrader
    I'm a 49 year old menopausal women who is overweight. My insulin levels are at 17 and Yes I have insulin resistance but I'm not on medication. I've dropped my A1C down from 6.7 to 6.4 since last year. I'm due for a new test soon. I've dropped 10 pounds but I'm still at 309 pounds. I get frustrated because I've tried changing my diet and my husband is the one losing weight. I do not understand the Keto Diet much less intermittent fasting. I've tried to fast but wonder if I'm doing it right.
  2. Nitin joshi
    Dear Doctor,
    I am from India.After going through your blogs and information on your portal I had started intermittent fasting.I had been type 2 diabetic since last 8 years.My question is after starting fasting I had dropped wight from 68 KGs to 62 kgs.However I find that my sugar level keeps on fluctuating.And I do not see that much fat reduction around waist.Could explain me this ?My email address is ""
    Best regards.
    Nitin Joshi.

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