Low-carb doctor helping patients in the Philippines


Grace is a Filipino doctor who decided to pay the success she reached with low carb forward to her patients. She saw that many of them didn’t know anything about the power of nutrition, and therefore decided to write a book to empower them.

Here’s her inspiring story:

Grace’s story

Hi Amanda,

I am Grace and a doctor as well. I started my low-carb journey and fasting in February 2019. I am from the Philippines, and as a country of rice eaters (where we eat it at least three times a day), I find it hard to convince others. Thus, I decided to write a book about it. I realized that people will not really read the book you recommend them no matter how much you try. But if the book was written by someone they personally know, there is a bigger chance for them to read it, and eventually be convinced of this lifestyle.

Thank you very much for being a reliable source of many scientific articles. I highly recommend your site for further readings and always share your posts in Facebook.



Thanks for sharing your story, Grace! I wish you the best success spreading the message with your book and in your medical practice. Hopefully when people see your success, they will be able to skip the rice more often!
/ Dr. Bret Scher, MD


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