“I feel great, have tons more energy!”


After being diagnosed with high blood pressure and prescribed her first medication, Deb decided that it was time to reverse the trend. Intuitively she realized that cutting out starchy carbs and sweets was the way to go, and started doing so immediately.

When she talked to colleagues about her diet change, they recommended Diet Doctor as a keto and intermittent fasting resource. So she went home and dove right in:

Hello Diet Doctor folks!

I read your email asking for a testimony. Here is mine!

On 11.14.18, I was diagnosed with essential hypertension and my doctor started me on 10 mg Liprinosil to control it. I was 59 years old and not on any medications. This one disturbed me because I knew it was due to my weight gain over the past two years. I made a decision right then and there to do something about this.

The next morning, I cut out breads, pastas, and sugar and just ate the foods that I knew were good and healthy. I did this on my own.

Then I also started talking with co-workers who had been following Diet Doctor keto and intermittent fasting. One of our medical technologists gave me the website url and suggested I watch some videos and read Dr. Fung’s book.

I immediately knew this website was just what I needed. I began reading and watching videos and getting educated. When I looked at the recipes, I got really excited. I could tell by the ingredients that these dishes would be tasty, unlike the low-calorie ones I have seen.

It was easy to get right on board due to the simplicity of the recipes and the wealth of information on how to get started. I first signed up for the 2-week challenge. After making a couple of meals, I knew this was the plan for me! I decided to purchase a membership to gain full access to everything. My husband quickly joined me in my new lifestyle.

The biggest challenge my husband and I both experienced were foot and leg cramps. I read all about what the recommendations were on the website and followed those suggestions. The educational materials that are available are really helped me to have great success and answered many of my questions.

After losing 22 pounds (10 kg), my doctor cut my blood pressure medication down to 5 mg.

Then after 48 pounds (22 kg), she took me off the medication completely. Today, I have lost 58 pounds (26 kg). I still have about 6 pounds (3 kg) more to lose. I feel great, have tons more energy! I love this lifestyle and find eating this way is super easy.

The support and education available on Diet Doctor has made this weight loss so much easier. Thank you to all who make this possible! I am so grateful!

Here are before and after photos. The first one is me on my 59th birthday, June 2018. The second one was in June 2019. I’m now 60 years old and feel so amazingly wonderful!



Hi Deb, thanks for sharing your story.

It is wonderful to hear more examples of empowered people like yourselves taking charge of their health with a low-carb diet and IF. We are thrilled to hear you safely stopped your medication and have more “tons more energy.”

Keep up the great work!

/ Dr. Bret Scher, MD

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