“I love how I feel, I have energy and mental clarity”


Over 190,000 people have signed up for our free two-week keto low-carb challenge. You’ll get free guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and troubleshooting tips – everything you need to succeed on low carb.

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I’m so pleased I found you!!! I’ve just finished the 2-week challenge. Having a meal plan, recipes and a shopping list was a total godsend! How did I find the challenge? One word answer – EASY. I was never hungry and the recipes are easy to follow.

I was a bit disappointed after week 1, I’d not lose any weight and only 1 inch (3 cm) from my waist but I wasn’t giving up, I’d read to many success stories for that. I went back to the website and did lots of scrolling and reading and decided to change week 2 and only eat 2 meals a day, I’d not been hungry on week 1 so this wasn’t an issue. I only ate lunch and dinner, this let me get some 16:8 intermittent fasting in too… I loved the scrambled eggs every day in week 1 so that was dinner every night when I came in from work and I’d cook the meal for my lunchbox the next day.. SIMPLE.

My week 2 shopping bill was less because of the small change and on my end of week 2 weigh in I’d lost 6 lbs (3 kg) and 2 inches (5 cm) around my waist. Absolutely delighted was an understatement.

I’ve signed up as a member it’s worth every penny :) I want meal plans, recipes and shopping lists forever, haha.

I’m using the get-started week 3 meal plan and I’ve had a sneak at the rest and can’t wait to continue!

Thanks to you and your team for the work you do with your website it really is fantastic.


As I came back from a two-week holiday I decided it was enough and want to start a new life and get rid of the overweight. I read some things on the internet about LCHF while laying in the sun at the pool.

At home, I checked it out quickly and went shopping for the first week. I made the mistake of not reading the diet very well, so I made (just for me) 2 portions, 1 for dinner and 1 for lunch next day. I found it quite a lot of lunch to eat :-) But no hunger at all! I lost just a little bit of weight…

Then reading through everything for the next week I found out that I should cook dinner for 1, eat and take the leftovers for lunch… Since then I’m really losing weight. About 3 kg (7 lbs) for two and a half week. Still not hungry. It feels I can do this diet for a long time and I can’t wait to get back to at least 10 kg (22 lbs) less.

I’m already feeling better, having more energy and most of all feeling more confident.


Hi Andreas!

I am loving the LCHF lifestyle, I’ve lost 4 kg (9 lbs) in the first 10 days and nothing since, though I have a lot to lose too (20 kg – 44 lbs) so I’ve no idea why I stopped losing.

I am eating under 20 g of carbs a day, no net carbs or anything, just counting carbs. My macros are set to 5% carb, 20% protein and 75% fat and I’m hitting those targets. I love how I feel, I have energy and mental clarity.

My only concern is my heart rate is increasing and causing some concern. My Fitbit has shown my resting go from 65 to 73, I think my BP is dropping (I’m on no medication) and my heart has to beat a little faster. This sometimes wakes me at night and my heart is sitting at 80 while asleep! I’ve tried having boullion/salt before bed to raise BP and it helps a little but it doesn’t feel normal to have to do this.

Will this settle down? Will I lose weight again?

Ketone sticks are purple, I know I’m burning fat but the scales aren’t moving. I’ve taken measurements and this also didn’t move on week 3.

I’m not giving up but would like some advice.


I am very happy with the results of this eating plan. I am off sugar and feeling great. I am not diabetic or even pre diabetic. Just addicted to sugar. I have struggled with sugar for years. In my 40’s I took up running and was able to keep the extra 10-15 pounds (5-7 kg) at bay by running/burning off the sugar. I have known for at least a decade that eating correctly is really the way to control and manage any type of weight gain long term. Finally, concentrating on my eating habits :).

The eggs and the mayonnaise are a challenge for me. I like eggs but can only take so many. I almost despise mayonnaise. I mustered through the first two weeks by supplementing the porridge a few days for breakfast and substituted sour cream for mayonnaise a few times.

The first two weeks were tough. I was determined. The shopping list and recipes kept me in check. I was able to stay focused and off sugar because it was all planned. An easy straightforward plan to follow :)

There is a lot of cooking for this eating plan. I like it because I am learning how to cook low carb and the recipes and shopping lists make it easy to follow. Going forward I do see the need for making sure I have easy access to low carb choices and on the go food. Working on that for now.

Thanks for all the help:). I am in!

Have a great day.


Dear Andreas,

I am not new to the concept of keto, low carb, low protein and high fat, but I have never come across such a comprehensive and user-friendly easy website. I have probably a dozen sites on my devices that I have collected over the last few years but they always irritated/frustrated me for one reason or another… I came to you through a recent interview with Dr. Fung on the Chalene Johnson Beta Test and I haven’t looked back.

I loved the 2-week challenge as it eases you into a new way of eating and increased well being. I appreciated immensely the option of choosing the number of sizes, the shopping list and the variety of meals offered. You cannot feel left out should you go to a party, a picnic or join friends on a Saturday take-away dinner.

I have started watching the videos and I can’t have enough of what I see. Lots of sound info, advice and something I can relate to.

I have also become a member as I respect immensely what you are doing and as a way to support your efforts… as well as to take advantage of what you offer of course :)

I don’t have weight to lose, but I really need(ed) to regain control over my fructose intolerance, anything that ‘creates’ sugar in my body (too much protein – didn’t know that !! – and all sorts of grains). I hit the jackpot with keto :) In two weeks I have definitively seen the difference in my mood, energy levels, brain fog, …..needless to say, all signs that you are well aware of :)

I have still lots to learn and my journey has just begun.

Thank you once more for all your – and your team’s – work. You are changing lives for the better.


I am so excited! I lost 11 lbs (5 kg) in week one and 5 lbs (2 kg) in week 2. The food is wonderful and I haven’t needed any snacks. I am totally satisfied with the meals. Thank you so much. This is exactly what I’ve needed.


Hi Andreas,

Thanks for this opportunity. I found the challenge really doable with the support and the meal plans – looked forward to the daily email!

My life has turned a corner now and I feel better than I have felt for many many years with more energy & motivation. I don’t ever want to return to the world of high carbs or even medium carbs. This is my new way of eating and living.

Thank you so much for what you are doing,

The low-carb two-week challenge has been amazing, educational and inspirational. I’m a bit of a science geek, and I’ve loved viewing and reading the various articles and videos explained the logic and science behind LCHF. For the first time a ‘diet’ make perfect sense to me.

I’ve also read 2 books that have been very helpful: ‘Why We Get Fat, and What To Do About It‘ by Gary Taubes and ‘The Complete Guide to Fasting‘ by Jason Fung.

Your website has been my anchor, and I’ve visited everyday to read a success story, browse recipes, view a video, and generally fine inspiration. I’ve become a Diet Doctor member and look forward to continuing this journey!

Thank you for all the help in getting me on this path.


I found a lot of good info on your site. So many helpful hints and tips. I lost all of 4 pounds (2 kg) doing this. Which is upsetting as I’m a female and my weight fluctuates that much every few days. I do feel better, I wake up refreshed. I even wake up before my alarm most days.

I wish I would have seen dramatic weight loss. I test my pee with the urine strips, and I can only get it to say small amounts detected!



The low-carb challenge was not too harsh, I found it a little difficult in the evenings as I have always worked night shifts! Other than that the food was great and easy to prepare. I am happy I took the challenge.


My husband and I did the challenge. First of all, we both agree that the meals are delicious. However, there was just too much food for us so we spread the two-week challenge over three weeks; we really only have two meals per day. Neither of us lost a lot of weight, perhaps 4 or 5 pounds (2 kg), but we both feel great and feel satisfied.

As the cook, I found the recipes easy to follow and I really liked the shopping list. We’re going to stay with this style of eating.


I really enjoyed it! The recipes were delicious and easy, so much so that I am still keeping up with the meals (the hamburger patties and pesto chicken were my favorites!). I have been in a serious weight-loss rut even with low-calorie and plenty of exercise. I think this plan was just what I needed to jumpstart my body back into fat-burn mode. I’m down 7 lbs (3 kg) and definitely a few inches. Thank you!


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