1. Ikki
    If you're looking for this documentary, Youtube has removed it due to copyright infringement. You may find it here: http://weshare.me/9cf3052c835b09a4
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  3. Laurie Faith
    This link is working on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7opFCZr1PA
  4. Nancy
    Amazing video!! Very informative and straight forward! If this doesn't make you want to change the way you and your family eat nothing will. BRAVO!!
  5. MerryKate
    After seeing the intro I'm grateful for my "health nut" mom who restricted our sugar intake as a kid. Those poor children with the the abcessed teeth...I've had one abcessed tooth as an adult; I can't imagine twelve! Since starting LCHF I've learned to be vigilant about reading food labels for hidden carbs.
  6. Matt
    It is interesting/disturbing that the Professor Consultant Endocrinologist in the documentary states (29:22 mins in) that "the causes of obesity are simple - you take too much energy in and there is not enough energy out" or something similar to that. If the experts still believe this, then what hope does the general population have of finding the truth. The truth that is well covered on this site and elsewhere.
  7. Dawn
    It was on youtube. Had no problem connection to it from this site. Had to in order to watch it full screen. Great information. Have to say I left it quite heavy hearted after seeing how it is harming the children. Yet, the industry from bottle to right before the grave .... makes money hand over foot. Don't see them willingly changing their ways... Change will have to come from the inside!
  8. Laura
    I was riveted. Very well done. Thanks so much for sharing this.
  9. Roseanne Dolan
    Completely agree with Matt on the energy-in, energy-out comment. Also Dr Eva Orsmond (who specializes in obesity) says that she finds it hard to believe that Damon Gameau gained weight even though he ate the same amount of calories before.. Still maybe this will be the first step in people moving away from these incorrect beliefs. I've written an article about the documentary here: http://eatingatkins.ie/general-information/sugar-crash-documentary-a-...
  10. Diane
    I'm in Australia & none of these links are allowing me to view the doco
    Anyone here in aus watched it ?
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  12. iamtheonlykaren

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