Low-carb tips for social events by Team Diet Doctor

Social events can be a challenge. We are having a great time but suddenly someone offers us food! How can we get out of that situation and stay low carb without being rude? It’s easy to fall for temptation if we haven’t thought about what to do beforehand.

In this fourth episode, our team at Diet Doctor shares their tricks to stay low carb at social events. You’ll even learn how to say no to your grandma!

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Dr. Bret Scher: We’ve all been there. We’re out at a party, having a great time…

Kristie Sullivan: Sometimes you have people who are encouraging you to eat things that are not low-carb.

Giorgos Chloros: Fries.

Adele Hite: Gin and tonic.

Paul Rutkovskis: Junk food.

Karl Naim: Most of the time there are canapé parties and when you say canapé, you say bread.

Franziska Spitzler RD: It may be really difficult the first time to say no to them.

Bjarte Bakke: If I decide it when I’m there, it can be tempting to just take that stuff that is really unhealthy.

Anne Mullens: I would have a tiny little piece.

Dr. Bret Scher: Moving the food around on your plate a little bit.

Adele Hite: I beg fullness.

Dr. Bret Scher: In this video you’re going to hear our team members discussing what they do to help them stay low-carb while at social events.

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