Mother sheds 80 pounds on a keto diet


After a shocking visit to the doctor, Manuela realized that she needed do something to reverse the trend of declining health and increasing weight. She started researching diets and came across keto.

She gave it a try – and in just five months she had lost 80 lbs (36 kg).

Although these numbers are wildly impressive, Manuela gained so much more than weight loss and a smaller dress size.

Her 40th birthday is just around the corner, and she knows she’s going to approach her 40s being in the best shape of her life. She’s happier and healthier than ever, and she’s thrilled that her three kids get the best version of their mother.

Popsugar: How the keto diet helped Manuela lose 80 pounds and achieve her “dream goal”

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  1. Manuela C Barrientos
    Wow thanks for the love!!
  2. Annette
    Congratulations!!! You look Awesome!!

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