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Heather has done the impossible – beaten binge eating and lost 125 lbs (57 kg) on a strict keto diet. But how does she eat exactly? And what had to change in her mindset to make such an incredible journey? This is what she has to say:

As a child, I never dreamed that I would one day find myself in bed, suffocating under the weight of my own morbid obesity. I never dreamed that I would find myself, over and over again, shoveling cake into my mouth with my bare hands, choking on my own salty tears.

My name is Heather, and I’m a binge eater. It has been 652 days since my last binge. This is my story.

On January 4th, 2016 I woke up with renewed sense of determination.

This is the day that I would start something and stick with it. I told myself I owed myself nothing less than perfection for the first 30 days of following a ketogenic diet.

I stepped on the scale. The numbers reflected back at me were 295 lbs (134 kg). I’m 4’ 11″ (150 cm). I was nearly as big around as I am tall. I promised myself that would be the LAST time I would ever see those numbers on the scale.

The first two days I lost 9 pounds (4 kg). 18 pounds (8 kg) in the first week. 33 pounds (15 kg) in the first 28 days. I had zero cheats, and decided to keep going rather than have a cheat day, because I was still determined and incredibly motivated by my progress.

By August of 2016 I had dropped 100 pounds (45 kg). By the anniversary of started the ketogenic diet on Jan 4, 2017 I had lost a total of 125 pounds (57 kg). I’m now holding steady at a weight loss of 138 pounds (63 kg).

I lost that weight without much exercise. Now I have to fight to lose a pound, so I’m starting to create a habit of running and weight lifting. I’m signing up for a half marathon in February of 2018.

I’ve never lost sight of my goal. I’ve had to constantly create new goals because I feel better and DO better when I’m working towards a goal.

My food is boring. I eat for fuel, rather than entertainment. Meat, eggs, cheese, veggies, and avocado. I don’t eat endless piles of bacon and entire bricks of cheese. Calories count, so I count calories, and macronutrients. I eat roughly 1200 calories a day for weight-loss, and 1500 calories a day for maintenance. I have PCOS and likely struggle more than the average woman with a normal endocrine system to lose or maintain my weight.

If you’d like to follow my story, I have shared my journey in kind of an online diary at Facebook.com/HeatherDoesLife.




What an incredible journey, Heather – thank you for sharing it with us! :-)

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  1. Karen
    Wow that's an incredible accomplishment!! I'm an emotional eater, prone to bingeing, and I will draw inspiration from your achievements. Best wishes to you from Holland! :- )
  2. Bev
    Fabulous result, Heather! So pleased that you also say calories count because, for some of us, they really do! The 'Eat to satiety' mantra is useless for me, whether it is keto or not (and it always is keto of course) - that way lies weight gain or standstill. Nope, keto + calorie counting is the only thing that works for me
  3. Maura
    Congratulations Heather. So happy for you!
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  5. Heather
    Diana, I have to disagree. I have never been able to eat to satiety. I do have an eating disorder. I’m a recovering binge eater. I have to carefully measure and track every single thing that I eat and drink. I’m prepared to do this for the rest of my life, and I’m absolutely fine with that.
  6. Kathleen
    Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational story! It's amazing what we can accomplish (and with what relative ease it can be accomplished) once we possess the right tools. I'm like you ... keto is the only thing that has ever worked and I'm so grateful that we've found it!
  7. Anita Uys
    I am supervised once a week and am very nearly at 10kgs in 3 months. This really works for me. I was a sugar addict and loved the carbs. Not for me again thank you. My weight was 86.9 am down to 77.3 and hoping to reach 65kg on my bday in March.xx
  8. anonymous
    Well done!
  9. Melanie
    Thanks for sharing your story, very inspirational.
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  11. Jean
    I don't count calories but I do practice strict portion control of all my food. I do not have a reliable satiety switch that tells me when to stop eating so I rely on weighing , measuring, and recording my food to stay on track. I've been doing this for many years. It has become second nature to me. Since I have lost 115 pounds and managed to successfully keep it off for many years for me this is a healthy practice. We each have to find what works for us out here in the real world. Sometimes general principles which may work for many or even most people don't work for everyone so we find out what works for us individually.
  12. Kenneth
    Incredible job, Heather. You found a path around your eating issues and made it work. Bravo. I have many of the same issues that you describe. Count me among those who count calories and carbs. When I started I had more than 200 pounds to lose. Simply counting carbs worked wonders. I experienced satiety between meals, which kind of a first for me. I naturally wanted to eat less and I lost weight doing that. But the weight loss slowed down and nearly stopped within that first year. I still weighed 325 pounds. I worked on eliminating snacking and eating after dinner. Correcting those habits got me to below 300 pounds. But I'm petty sure I'd still be there (upper 200's) if I had not started tracking my food and set targets for both calories and carbs. When I start eating I don't have an off switch kick in for at least an hour. Nothing tells me to stop except a conscious decision. I have to know when to put the fork down and get on to something else. I do that by tracking my food. That is what got me to goal. Counting calories and carbs may seem OCD to some people, but how can you question a solution that works? I see others stop eating half way through a meal, pushing back the plate and saying "I'm stuffed. I can't eat another bite". If they are from Mars I am from Venus. That is a foreign concept to me. I wish that I had some of that, but I don't. I accepted myself the way that I am and found a way to reach my goals. This past summer I did a little experiment. I counted carbs and stayed very busy all summer. I did not log food nor track calories. I gained 20 pounds in 3 months. Guess what I am doing now? I'm back to doing what works for me. It is not that tough to do and it is certainly a better option for me than drifting back up the scale to obesity. Back to you... you did a wonderful thing for yourself. You look great. I'm sure you feel great, too. I wish you the best in maintenance.
  13. Tamarah
    So exciting heather,, Your renewed Health is inspiring. Kudos to you .
  14. WarblingLisa
    Thanks so much, Heather, for sharing your story! You look fab. Your message was powerful: "My food is boring. I eat for fuel, rather than entertainment. Meat, eggs, cheese, veggies, and avocado." I think keeping it simple is key. I'm guilty of using food as a reward for working hours in the yard or some other feat of strength. I should just revel in the fact I can do that activity at all. Thanks for the inspiration. Good luck with maintaining your new WOE!!

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