Sugar addiction meets keto

Sarah SS

Sarah had always been battling her weight without much success. After undergoing fertility treatments, her reproductive endocrinologist told her that going keto might be helpful. So, she did and lost some weight. Unfortunately, she gained it all back and then some. On the verge of getting bariatric surgery, she tried keto one more time. Read Sarah’s story to find out what happened:

Hi, my name is Sarah,

I’m a 39-year-old from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and keto has helped me shed 170 lbs (77 kg) over the last two years.

My weight has been a lifelong struggle. I was a chubby kid who was 250 lbs (113 kg) by my late teens. I feel like I have been on a diet my whole life. I attended my first weight-loss meeting at 13 years of age.

I was first introduced to the ketogenic diet and the Diet Doctor website by a reproductive endocrinologist. I was undergoing infertility treatments and with the help of keto, I shed 60 lbs (27 kg). Sadly, our infertility journey came to an abrupt unsuccessful end. In an emotional spiral, I gained it all back and more.

Two years ago this January, feeling trapped in an unhappy marriage, I was depressed and totally desperate. When I stepped on the scale I was shocked to see that I was at an all-time high of 344 lbs (156 kg). I knew something had to change. I went to my doctor for a complete physical and asked to be referred for bariatric surgery. With borderline high blood pressure and a multitude of aches and pains, I knew my lifestyle was finally catching up with me. I could feel my body breaking down. Everyday tasks were becoming difficult.

Starch structure I decided to recommit to keto. The wait time for surgery can be one-two years here in Ontario. My plan was to take 20-30 lbs (9-13 kg) off and coast until surgery could “fix me.” I realize now how flawed that thinking was. I jumped with both feet and took it one day at a time, then a week at a time, before I knew it a year had passed and I was down 100 lbs (45 kg).

On my one-year ketoversary, I nervously called the hospital and canceled my appointment with the surgeon. I asked to be removed from the list. I had to believe in myself enough to believe I could continue to do this on my own and I can proudly say that I was down 70 lbs (32 kg) a year ago.

Life today is so much different than I could have ever imagined. I feel like a whole new woman. My body and mind are in great shape. I’m at peace with my past and I feel like I’m who I was meant to be all along.

This lifestyle just works for me. I love that it doesn’t feel like a diet at all. I wish I had known so many years ago that I am a sugar addict. Removing it from my diet has given me the balance I always craved but couldn’t find. I know one thing, this girl is keto for life.

Sarah’s Instagram: @keto.cute_eh


Congratulations, Sarah! That’s a journey to be very proud of indeed.

/ Andreas Eenfeldt, MD

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  1. Alain
  2. Veronica
    Thank you, Sarah - what an inspiring story!
  3. Wendy
    What a wonderful transformation, well done.
  4. Esther
    Very inspiring story. Thanks for sharing. You look stunning btw :-)
  5. Margaret Olufunmilayo
    Oh Sarah am so happy for you for taken the bold step to fight what has been weighing you down for years. Once again congratulations. Pls keep it up.
  6. Tera
    Congratulations! So happy that you found what you needed and that you found it before you did surgery. #ketoforlife
  7. Richard Rynearson
    What a great story Sarah! I hope it inspires others considering bariatric surgery....since for many Keto will work fine without surgery.
  8. Sarah (keto.cute_eh)
    Thank you everyone ❤️
    Reply: #9
  9. Lisa ccc
    I’ve been keto a year but still struggle terribly with sugar cravings. I cannot live without stevia and monk fruit desserts. Can you please share more tips?
    I’ve stalled my weight loss and wonder if this is the reason why. Do you still eat low carb keto treats? They don’t trigger you to eat more?
    How many times a day do you eat? Thanks in advance. I would love your kind of succèss.
  10. Dennis Butler
    Absolutely brilliant Sarah! I have been on the keto for coming up to 3 years now. I'm a type 2 diabetic and was gaining weight with only eating one meal a day. I ballooned to over 176 Kg! When my younger brother told me that he had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and didn't want to go through all the grief I was going through, (I injected insulin 4 times a day and took numerous tablets). We have a friend who is an ex Paramedic and was happy to do some research on his behalf. We met up that Christmas and he had lost ton's of weight! He also told me that he is no longer a diabetic and has been signed off by his GP. I took up the cause on 1st January 2016. Within 2 years I have lost over 76 Kg and now weigh in at 100 Kg. I also no longer have to inject insulin! I have kept my weight at 100 Kg for a year now and there's no turning back for me!

    I hope that when people read our stories they realise that there is hope and it's not as difficult as it seems.

    Once again, a massive congratulations on your achievement - you look stunning!

  11. James Harless
    Good job Sarah. Not sure how to do ket o as I hate cooking and custom cooking. Jim
  12. Janalee
    Sarah, congratulations on your weight loss success!
    I also have struggled with my weight much of my life and was wondering how you were successful?
    Did you use a meter to measure ketones, intermittent fasting, how much exercise?
    It’s always nice to know how other people have made Keto successful.
  13. Francoise
    Congratulations! Be proud of your achievement! 👍🏅
  14. Anthony Sanchez
    Congratulations you look amazing. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a couple years ago. I started the Keto lifestyle back then and my sugars have been awesome ever since. Keep up the good work you've done for yourself.
  15. Debbie
    What a great achievement and motivation to make myself look at what I am doing to myself.
    I am a Carb addict and breaking the habit is hard. Almost scared to let go as to what I may become.


  16. Sarah
    Sarah that is amazing! I would love to learn more about how you battled the sugar addiction component
  17. Maria C
    First thought I had was, did you stay in the marriage?!
  18. Elena
    Awesome Sarah! I'm in Ontario too, in Ottawa. You are an inspiration - a whole new woman!
  19. Margaret
    wow. you look amazing, what an inspiration to pe ople like me who need to keep going. Well done!
  20. Kerrie
    Love your story. It needs to be shouted from the roof tops!
  21. CRcks
    I'm typing this while sipping my bullet proof coffee and tears rolling down my cheeks! So happy for you Sarah. You are gorgeous. Keep up with Keto and enjoy a full radiantly full life.
  22. Denise
    Congratulations Sarah!! Thank you for sharing your story.
  23. Dawn P.
    Love your story - congratulations on such an amazing transformation!
  24. Stacy Praetzel
    Congratulations on your amazing weight loss. I also began keto to assist with fertility treatments. I had had 2 failed IVF cycles and my dr recommended trying keto to lose weight before our 3rd and final attempt. Much to our surprise after losing 50 lbs I became pregnant naturally!!! Back to the keto lifestyle now in hopes of conceiving baby number 2! My goal is to not fall of the wagon this time!
  25. Greg
    Wow, what an inspiring story. So pleased you found Keto Sarah and found your true self.
  26. 1 comment removed
  27. Sarah Hilger
    I cant tell you enough how much our stories are the same. Even the name!! Im addicted to sugar...bad. And just reading your story has inspired me so much to try to lose what I have allowed sugar to do. I use it as a crutch and a fix. And obviously its not workling. you have given me a whole new outlook and I'm so happy i came accross your story!! Thank you so much for sharing it.
  28. Lori
    So inspirational, Sarah. Congrats on your success!
  29. Marianne
    Wow, you are a stunning young woman. Congratulations on your success!
  30. Tammy Nelson
    Oh Sarah.....I am so happy for you! You give such inspiration! Thank you! I hope and pray all of us with sugar addictions! Tammy Nelson
  31. Paul
    DD has just posted your story again; I just find it staggering to look at the before and after photos; what you have achieved; so well done; we trust you are still keeping well; you did so well; just staggering to see how much you have achieved; all best wishes

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