Mother loses 100 pounds on a ketogenic ‘fad’ diet – and ends up sticking with it!


Before and after

Traci had made several attempts to lose weight, but it wasn’t until she found the ketogenic diet that she achieved great success and lost a 100 lbs (45 kg). And surprisingly she ended up sticking with it for the long run, in spite of people deeming it a ‘fad’:

Fox News: ‘I Lost 100 Pounds on a Fad No-Carb Diet’

If you’re interested in trying this diet, you might find some inspiration in Traci’s food choices.

A typical day of eating for her might include black coffee and a couple of eggs at breakfast, tuna fish salad with mayonnaise at lunch, and vegetables like broccoli along with a cut of meat at dinner. When she snacks, she usually reaches for almonds or a cheese stick, and limits all sugar and alcohol.

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