Festive low carb and keto Christmas cookies

As the holidays approach, many of us cherish time-honored traditions like decking the halls, exchanging gifts, and warming the kitchen with freshly baked Christmas cookies.

This year doesn’t have to be different — even if you’re eating low carb or keto. We’ve got everyone’s favorite low carb and keto cookies, including Santa’s.

Christmas cookies are not only fun to make but are also fun to share. Whether you’re participating in a cookie exchange, creating a homey gift for friends and family, or trying one last-ditch attempt to get on Santa’s good side, we’ve got tasty low carb and keto options to put the “ho ho ho” in your holidays.

Keto cookies for sharing

One of our favorite parts of cookie exchanges is when participants bring something new or unexpected. If everyone made the same treats, we wouldn’t discover new recipes. So, we encourage you to try something new this year.

Our low carb gingerbread cookies may look like a traditional favorite, but our recipe is based on a Swedish version that is thin and crisp. These festive cookies are most often served with savory butter and cheese, unlike the American version which is frequently decorated with sweet icing.

Another delicious cookie to share is our low carb pumpkin spice cookie which is soft and cake-like. Flavored with cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, and toasted pecans, these low carb and keto holiday cookies are sure to be warmly received.

You might also treat your friends and family to low carb or keto cookies with an international flavor. Consider our keto Argentine caramel sandwich cookies, low carb chocolate tim tams, a favorite in Australia, or a Latin treat, keto buñuelos. Buñuelos are more like a donut than a cookie, but we don’t think anyone will mind you sharing them.

Tips for gifting low carb or keto cookies

Cookies are a delight to give and to receive during the holidays. Giving is even more fun if you have family or friends who can join you to make several batches of homemade cookies. As an added bonus, when you share homemade goodies, you also get the chance to show others how yummy low carb and keto treats can be.


When gifting foods that have alternative sweeteners, it is a good idea to let the recipient know. While the sweeteners we recommend are generally considered safe, there may be a few people who are sensitive to sugar alcohols in erythritol.

Likewise, anyone sensitive to ragweed can also be sensitive to stevia. A simple note listing the ingredients can help to alert anyone who may have allergies or sensitivities.

Also, consider including a note instructing whether the baked goods should be refrigerated. Often, keto and low carb baked goods will remain fresh longer when refrigerated.

Depending on the type of cookie or treat that you gift, there are a variety of options to create a festive package. Cardboard bakery boxes with plastic windows not only look professional but also protect baked goods from getting crushed. These are perfect for cookies and cupcakes, especially for short-term storage, since they are not airtight.

Decorative tins are another great way to protect your low carb or keto holiday goodies. Tins can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes, are oftentimes airtight, and can be reused.

For a homey touch, it’s often the case that thrift, resale, or consignment shops will offer discarded plates or serving dishes that are sold individually. Rather than buying a set, purchase an assortment of fine china or glass and gift your goodies using those. Wrap with plastic wrap and adorn with colorful bows or ribbons, and your gift is complete.

Simple packaging can also look elegant. For example, you might use parchment paper to neatly wrap a stack of cookies, and tie the package with a holiday ribbon. Or, you can use decorative cellophane bags, which are shaped specifically for baked goods and can either be tied with ribbon or sealed with adhesive.

Santa’s favorite low carb and keto cookies

If you’re still trying to convince Santa that you were wrongly placed on the naughty list, bribing him with tasty cookies might help.

The tradition of leaving cookies for Santa provides a wonderful excuse to create kitchen memories by making cookies with your family. And those memories will be even more precious if you can provide a healthier low carb or keto option that they, and Santa, will enjoy.

We have it on good authority that Santa’s favorite low carb and keto cookies are classics that are easy for kids to make. Among the classiest of our classic recipe ideas is our easy, slice and bake, chocolate chip cookies.

Santa will also appreciate our super-simple low carb peanut butter cookies, which require just five ingredients. Unlike our chocolate chip cookie recipe, the dough doesn’t need to be refrigerated in advance, which means these cookies can be ready to enjoy as soon as the kitchen is cleaned.

We bet Santa would also enjoy our traditional Swedish keto hazelnut cookie. These cookies are crisp and lightly sweet. Hazelnut flour gives them a deep and earthy flavor, with a hazelnut tucked in the center for even more flavor and crunch. Making them is fun and easy and takes less than 25 minutes from start to finish.

Low carb and keto bite‑size desserts

Some additional low carb or keto holiday treats to consider making are recipes that yield small bites or individual servings that make sharing easier. Keto brownies, fat bombs, or cupcakes are also ideal for dessert exchanges or holiday gifts.

We have several low carb or keto brownies that may suit your fancy. There’s a moist keto Double chocolate chip brownie, a decadent low carb Raspberry cheesecake brownie, and decadent low carb chocolate and peanut butter squares that are a little like a brownie and a lot like fudge.

No-bake options are also popular for gift-giving. Keto gingerbread fat bombs use simple ingredients and combine the best flavors of the season. You might also enjoy Cinnamon and cardamom fat bombs with coconut flakes, or our four ingredient keto chocolate macadamia fat bombs.
If you enjoy baking, cupcakes are ideal for the holidays. We’ve got a traditional keto Christmas cupcake with orange frosting. The cupcake tastes like a traditional spice cake and is delicious topped with the subtle orange flavor in the frosting.

Another delicious cupcake option is our keto Coconut Lime cupcakes. Regardless of which climate you live-in, this lively taste of spring will be welcomed as a holiday dessert.

When gifting cupcakes, you might want to package the cupcake and frosting separately and let the recipient enjoy doing the decorating. Also, making mini-cupcakes instead of full-size cupcakes might be a good idea when gifting or sampling a variety of treats. Just be sure to reduce the baking time if using mini-baking tins.