“LCHF helped me get pregnant!”


Isabelle Nelson is another woman who struggled in vain to get pregnant, due to the common hormonal imbalance PCOS. But after adopting a LCHF diet and losing 35 lbs in two months what so often happens happened:

Just for fun, she took a pregnancy test. The test showed that she was pregnant.

– I did not believe it. I ran to show my husband, who did not believe it either. I guess it was at the first midwife appointment that I began to understand. I was in a state of euphoria, says Isabelle Nelson.

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The whole story in a Swedish paper. Translation by Google:

Google-translated story

BEFORE Weighed 126 kg and longed for children.

Isabelle Nelson, 21, had long dreamed of becoming a parent. Since 2010, she and her husband doggedly tried to have children.
It was one year, it was two years, but pregnancy test showed constantly negative results.
The failure of attempts drain on her psychologically. She felt unwell and could not take in anything. They began to consider adoption, desire for children was so great.
– Many friends had children then, and I still hear about them. I saw strollers everywhere, she says.
Weighing 126 kg
When Isabelle after two years of failed pregnancy attempts visited the midwife she weighed 126 kg. She had always been overweight and it was long since she had regular periods or ovulation.
Midwife found that Isabelle had PCOS, a hormonal disorder in women that can lead to obesity and infertility.
Isabelle’s BMI must be below 30, that is the limit of obesity to health care could help her get pregnant. The midwife suggested that Isabelle would stand in line for an obesity surgery. It said she decided no to, she did not perform an operation when she knew that there were other ways to lose weight.
Isabelle began instead a low-carb diet the same day.
Raged in weight
The diet would prove to be the beginning of her new life.
Isabelle raged in weight. Two months later, she had lost 16 kg. Weight loss resulted in that her period came back, she was energetic and happier.
Just for fun, she did a pregnancy test. The test showed two lines – she was pregnant.
– I did not believe it. I ran and showed my husband who does not believe in it. It was probably at the first midwife visit that I began to understand. It was like one big euphoria, says Isabelle Nelson.
During the first 30 weeks of pregnancy remained Isabelle to LCHF diet. But slowly crept old habits. A return to carbohydrate diet led to weight gain and a month later she had even gestational diabetes.
On ultrasound examinations at the end of the pregnancy, she could see that the baby was a bit heavier for each week.
It was an eye opener. Isabelle decided to go back to the diet again and slowly began to feel better.
In december last year was born a peaceful and happy daughter. Tova weighed 5.3 kilograms when she came into the world.
– I really regret that I did not continue with LCHF throughout pregnancy. But she is doing great.
Want more children
After delivery, the Isabelle continued their low carbohydrate diet. All pregnancy pounds are gone. Today Isabelle weighs 110 kg and she continues to lose weight.
In the future, Isabelle have more children.
It will not, however, be up to date before she achieved the goal she set for herself.
– I will not have more children before I’m down to a double-digit weight.


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  1. Jenn
    Wow, congratulations to her! It has been the same with me - I have PCOS and had not had a period in years. I switched to LCHF and I lost just shy of 40kg over a year. My periods restarted, and my cycle was quite long and irregular (~40-45 days) - I only had three periods (the first I hardly count as it was very light and inconsistent,) but when I thought my next one was due, it didn't happen. My partner and I had been trying for about 3 years, with no success, so I was very excited, but had low hopes at the same time, as I'd been disappointed time after time for so long. I took a test at this point and there was a very, very faint positive result - I was just about in tears from overwhelming happiness. My partner was so excited, too, but was trying to keep calm and convince me that a doctor's appointment was a good idea just to confirm. We ended up going to our local GP who referred us for an ultrasound scan to confirm, and we got to see our little one at only 5 and a half weeks (or 3 and a half weeks gestation) - so early, it didn't even look like a baby, yet! We're now 36 and a half weeks, and eagerly anticipating the arrival of our little one! I've had my ups and downs with LCHF during my preganancy as morning sickness and nausea made any food with any real flavour (such as most meats and so on,) just so unpalatable, that I have not stuck very well to LCHF which has caused extra weight gain and fluid retention, as well as a slightly larger baby (due to the excess insulin production,) however besides that all seems well. I am trying to cut back on the carbs and especially the wheat now, weaning myself off it again, as I just feel so much more energetic and healthy on a LCHF lifestyle. If we manage baby number two, I know now to be careful to avoid strongly flavoured foods (it's mainly the smells that get me,) and to let my partner cook more so I don't have to smell everything, and to stock up on good yet plain LCHF snacks. I hugely recommend for anyone trying for a baby, or just wanting to get healthy, to try going LCHF and giving it a chance - it's changed my life!
  2. Janknitz
    Congratulations! My "LCHF baby" is 12 years old.

    PCOS is a metabolic syndrome. It wasn't the weight loss from LCHF that helped me become pregnant, it was the correction of metabolism which is key in PCOS.

    Even when I was very thin I NEVER ovulated on my own. Within 30 days of starting a LCHF diet I had my first EVER ovulatory period without fertility drugs. At that point I'd only lost about 5 lbs. I continued to have regular ovulatory cycles from that point, becoming pregnant 6 months later.

  3. Nancy
    Congratulations to you both.

    I have been struggling with fertility for more than three years and I have been on/off LCHF diet for the past six months. A year ago I had IVF with no success and emotional trauma.

    I wil continue with LCHF diet with the hope of holding my own one day!!!!!

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