“Keto has changed my life forever”


Before and after

Siobhan decided to make yet another attempt to lose weight in August 2016, even though she had never successfully kept it off by counting calories.

Fortunately her mother intervened in time and handed her an article about keto. At first she dismissed it as a fad, but after researching she decided to give it a try.

Today she is 70 lbs (32 kg) lighter and has not only transformed her health and weight, but also her whole life:

I didn’t feel like I was in a fog anymore. I didn’t feel like crying for no reason all the time. I didn’t dislike myself anymore. I wasn’t as anxious in social situations. I didn’t have acne. My joint pain was gone. Completely. My hair wasn’t frizzy or dull, and actually had a shine to it. It looked healthy. I looked healthy. I WAS healthy. For the first time on over a decade I am healthy.

Before keto, I had high blood pressure. I don’t anymore. Before keto, my blood sugar was creeping up into the prediabetic range, and now it’s normal. My HbA1c is around 4.8.

Siobhan is working at the site Cholesterol Code, is an admin at Ketogenic Forums and is also active on Twitter. You can find her full story in this thread:

Ketogenic Forums: The great big public keto before and after thread!


Congratulations Siobhan! You’re an inspiration :-)

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  1. Keith
    So many people say "keto has changed my life forever" and Siobhans statement "I am healthy" is the result of this. Good that the word keto is spreading and her mum heard about it. The reddit keto forum is very active many similar stories to Siobhan.

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