How Richard got a new life at 69

Richard SS

When Richard couldn’t fit in his work uniform anymore he knew he had to lose weight. He started the 2-week challenge back in January and he shares his story on what has happened since:

I started my keto journey on January 1, 2018. I used Diet Doctor’s 2-week challenge to get started and to discover what this new lifestyle was about. Originally my goal was to simply lose weight and inches around the belly. I work as a seasonal National Park Ranger during the summer and I literally could no longer get my uniform pants on so the situation had become critical! I was reporting to Grand Teton National Park the first part of May so I had about four months to get into my trousers…the clock was ticking.

I followed the two-week challenge religiously and by mid January, I was in nutritional ketosis and on my way. The first month or so my weight and waist size changed dramatically…much more than I expected. Particularly the waist measurement (which is exactly what I needed!) By May I had progressed to the point that my uniform fit me perfectly and the pressure was off. I decided, however, to continue my keto lifestyle throughout the summer at the Park. This was easy to do as I was buying and cooking all my own food in my own single person cabin. I had complete control over my diet and meal timing. Throughout the summer, I continued to lose weight and inches.

By August I had a new problem… my uniform pants were literally falling down as I walked, as I had already tightened my belt as far as it could go! I quickly ordered a new, much smaller Park Service belt and had my pants back up where they belonged within a couple of weeks. It was really interesting to watch many of my coworkers go through their daily workouts at the gym, take frequent hikes and long bike rides. I did many of those activities as well, but not nearly as often or as intense. Despite all the others’ efforts, they generally either maintained their weight throughout the summer or they gained weight. In my case, I continued to lose weight and inches the entire summer with really minimal exercise.

My job at the park was collecting entrance fees. I began to notice just how many people came through the gate and were constantly snacking! Pizza, chips, soda drinks, ice cream – just a never-ending snack fest of high-sugar and carb-loaded munchies! Most of the people I encountered had physiques to match all the non-stop snacking…clearly obese. It dawned on me that many, if not most, people have no idea what makes them fat! I used to be one of them.

So here are my stats: Starting weight 244 lbs (111 kg), Current weight 188 lbs (85 kg) and goal weight 150 lbs (68 kg). It has been over ten months on keto now and I have come to realize that the weight really wasn’t the important change after all. I was pre-diabetic with a HbA1c of 6.0… I am now normal at 5.0. My serum glucose dropped from 120 to 84. My liver enzyme ALT went from 49 to 23 (indicating my fatty liver was not so fatty anymore). In short, I have seen significant improvements in my health markers and have never felt better or more alive than I do right now.

My cardiologist has taken me off of all my prescription medications with the exception of a low dose Simvastatin (which I choose not to take). You see, I had stents implanted in June 2002 so I am expected to be on a statin for the remainder of my life because that is the US “Standard of Care”, i.e. the physician has NO choice, he/she MUST prescribe a statin to me or risk being “called a quack” by their peers (sad, but true).

I notice I have more stamina during the day now. I used to get sleepy every afternoon and would have to take occasional naps. Not anymore. I am awake and alert throughout the entire day. To my amazement, my poor hearing has actually improved! I usually had to use hearing aids at the Park as I collected entrance fees to understand what people were saying to me. This summer I didn’t need hearing aids as my hearing actually cleared up as I continued to lose weight! I really was not expecting that to happen. My dental issues have also lessened. I had bleeding gums from time to time. Not anymore. My gums are perfect as well as my teeth.

I am 69, retired and have adopted a new hobby… I’ve learned everything I can about human nutrition and tried to undo 50 years of abusing my body with high-carb meals and snacks! Thanks to Diet Doctor and all that you do to educate people on how to take care of themselves. Unfortunately, it seems it will be a few more years until the bulk of our medical profession figures out where they have got it wrong and begin to really help.

Richard J Rynearson


Congratulations, Richard, on your new and improved life! Very inspiring!

I’m very happy to hear that your cardiologist could take you off all medications (except a low-dose statin) due to your massive health improvements. At we always recommend discussing changes in medication with a qualified health care provider (full disclaimer).

After having heart stents due to heart disease, a statin can be a good choice, as it tends to lower the risk of heart disease somewhat in absolute numbers. But this positive effect has to be weighed against the potential of side effects and personal preferences. Ultimately, after discussing it with a doctor, it’s up to the individual to make an informed decision about his or her treatment.

Personally, I believe that improving risk factors this powerfully via a lifestyle intervention is likely to often have far more powerful positive effects on long-term health and wellbeing than any medication ever could.

/ Andreas Eenfeldt, MD

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  1. Francoise
    Congratulations of reclaiming your health. Every success story is such a motivator for anyone who is on his/herjourney to become andstay healthy healthy in the most natural way: through nutrition. Keep on ketoing!
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  3. Carol
    Ignore the scammers. Don't dignify with a reply. Your story is fantastic Richard.
  4. Sue
    Fantastic effort and outcome Richard. Well done.
  5. Jonda
    Just makes me happy to hear all this! Your smile proves everything! Congratulations!
  6. Belinda
    You are a walking inspiration for those of us over 60 wondering if Keto can work for us! Thank you for sharing your story.
  7. Mia
    Congratulations, Richard! Your, and similar stories here, are inspiring, but to me, puzzling. I followed Intermittent Fasting/IDM/OMAD 23:1, LCMediumF ( per Dr. Ted Naiman). I was totally compliant, not cheating once, word of honor, from 5/1/2018 until 10/1/2018. I lost two pounds. Two. No big "NSV"s, though pants got a little looser. I am female, 66 years old, morbidly obese at 230#, and can barely walk due to foot arthritis/stress fractures from weight. Thyroid labs normal. What, if anything, can I do, since the "best science" (keto) does not seem to work for me? Please forgive my negativity, but I feel as though I waited too long ( 45 yrs. yo-yo dieting) for meaningful results. Why can I not lose more than 2 pounds in five months of strict compliance? I would appreciate any comments and suggestions that the Community would kindly share with me. Best to all.
    Reply: #9
  8. Kerrie
    Well done Richard. I loved the bit about how you started noticing everyone around you eating all the wrong foods. It’s like an awakening isn’t it. It’s hard not to judge people at the supermarket when their trolley’s are laden with soft drink and high carb foods while yours is full of fresh veggies! Makes me feel like tapping them on the shoulder and saying “excuse me, but did you know ....” but of course, I don’t.
    Reply: #10
  9. Richard
    Hi Mia! One suggestion I would give you is be sure you are regularly measuring ketones. I use both blood and breath tests and I do these myself. I am certain I am in nutritional ketosis, no guessing. I also use measurements to determine if a specific food or drink knocks be out of ketosis (and for how long). You cannot manage what you don’t measure! I would also keep a food log for a while. It’s time consuming but it may help in your situation since you appear to be doing everything “right” without big results. Do not compare yourself to others! It’s a journey, NOT a race. Everyone is different and will lose weight and inches at different rates. Best regards and good luck.
  10. Richard
    Hi Kerrie! I loved your comment. It seems Keto success makes evangelists out of all of us. You want to go on top of some hill and begin preaching about proper diets! I attended a low carb Houston conference a few weeks ago and remember Jimmie Moore reminding all of us that once we understand the science we do have a special obligation to NOT keeping it to ourselves (especially for our family and friends). I lost a brother-in-law to kidney failure as a result of type 2 diabetes. Had I known about ketosis I might have saved him. It’s a sobering realization.
  11. Richard
    Although I didn’t discuss it in my story, I used time restricted eating (i.e. intermittent fasting) along with diet to achieve the results discussed. All of us have fasting in our “toolbox” and can apply it as necessary to help us along. I feel fasting is especially useful when you are overcoming the inevitable weight loss stalls that nearly everyone encounters at some point.
  12. Richard J Rynearson
    I recently came across some additional advice for those struggling to get keto to work for them. Try tracking your Glucose Ketone Index (GKI). You calculate this number by dividing your Glucose measurement by your Ketone measurement. Keeping this ratio low optimizes your fat burning and ensures continued weight loss for most people, or more effective therapeutic benefits for those using ketosis to help fight disease. Google GKI for more details.

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