How Bethany reversed her PCOS

Bethany success story

Bethany went for a decade without ever having her period. After being diagnosed with PCOS she tried everything she could think of to reverse it, but nothing worked. She stumbled upon a keto cookbook and signed up on the two-week keto low-carb challenge. This is what happened:

I have struggled with PCOS for ten years. Unknowingly for about 7 years. I actually had regular cycles for two years before they completely stopped at age 15. My physician at the time put me on birth control and since I had a false period that way, he considered me cured.

Every time I went off birth control though, I never got a cycle. It wasn’t until I moved out of my small hometown at 22 years old and got a different physician that I found out about my diagnosis. I had PCOS. A ‘ring of pearls’ in my ovaries. My testosterone and progesterone levels were slightly elevated, thankfully there was no tumor in my brain pushing on my pituitary gland, but it gave me the diagnosis of PCOS. I was so relieved to put a name to my condition, but unfortunately, the doctors told me they can only help with the symptoms and not actually cure it. I felt hopeless.

I am a person who already values being healthy and strives to live a healthy lifestyle, even before my diagnosis. I always ate a home cooked food, balanced diet and hated sweets — didn’t even like fruit juices. Looking back I see the flaws in my diet. I wouldn’t eat processed or sugary foods, but I ate bread and crackers as snacks, and chips or popcorn as junk food for movie nights.

Also being the androgynous type of PCOS victim, instead of the overweight type of PCOS victim, indulging in carbs didn’t fluctuate my weight so I never monitored my carb intake. I felt that I couldn’t live a healthier lifestyle than what I was living and I was confused as to why I developed PCOS. However, it started my pursuit to find a natural solution to heal my body. Give my body what it’s lacking, or take away something harming it.

Two years after my diagnosis, I met my husband. We both wanted to be and feel healthier so we tried veganism. Shortly after going vegan and traveling to another country, I got a bladder infection. I went on an antibiotic and that’s when the ‘immediate-relief-needed’ happened. I was sick all the time after that antibiotic. I would have a cold after cold, infection after infection, cold sores, random and sporadic inflammation of my eye, digestive problems and relentless pain in my stomach, and probably more.

The doctors believed my symptoms but everything they tested for came back negative. I was not celiac (though I could NOT stomach wheat AT ALL anymore), I didn’t have a parasite, and I didn’t have c-diff. In Canada, they don’t have the lab to test for candida in the stool, which is now what I think I had and causing me so much digestive distress and random, annoying symptoms.

Starch structureAfter about a year of this (yes, it was one of the worst times in my life), my mother-in-law showed me her new Keto Diet cookbook. Within the first couple pages, they talked about how keto can be used to heal PCOS and candida — which I was convinced I had. I was so overjoyed to finally find a solution that I drove to the bookstore that day and bought a keto cookbook.

That night we cooked a recipe (hamburger sauce with avocado) but the next morning I still felt sick as I always did those days. I brushed off the keto diet and put my cookbook on the shelf. But I still thought there might be some merit to fewer grains, starches, and sugars. So, I tried to keep my vegan diet alive but without the root vegetables and grains. I didn’t follow a meal plan and I had zero relief. I was also always hungry and felt some guilt about never having a voluptuous meal cooked for my family or being able to eat anything when we went out.

In researching more on the keto diet, as I always do, I found the Diet Doctors two-week challenge. I signed up and took it seriously. I had nothing to lose — I was already sick; I was already not making delicious meals. It was worth a serious try. And worth it, it was. I had never gotten a natural cycle in ten years, as I had mentioned, and after honestly three days of being on the keto diet, I got my period.

What actually happened was I followed the diet strictly for three days and by the third night, I thought I was going to die. I knew about the keto flu so I tried to ‘tough it out’ but I couldn’t handle my symptoms so I ate a whole bag of popcorn. To my amazement, I woke up and my period had come. I found it strange because I had filled up on carbs the night before, but my body must have already done what it’s supposed to do at that point. Three days of high fat was enough to give me a natural cycle. One that I honestly couldn’t acquire naturally for ten whole years.

I continued to follow the two-week challenge religiously. I felt great afterward. After the challenge was over, I took my cookbook off the shelf and showcased it by my stove. I follow a meal plan in there now. My next cycle happened two months later. I think my body is still healing and I am still on my naturally-healthy journey. I also use an app now to track my macronutrients and I continue to stray from root vegetables, grains, and sugars.

I’ve read so much about keto diet and I understand the basic science behind it, but I still don’t think I know why or how I got a period after three days on a high-fat diet after ten years of not having one naturally. All I know is that it happened and I am forever grateful to have found this diet. Also, the meals were delicious. Even my husband, who’s fairly picky, liked them. He namely liked the tuna salad, thai curry fish, and the goat cheese frittata.



What a journey, Bethany. Thank you for sharing your story and for your very helpful insights!

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  1. Ifeoma
    Wow!! Congratulations!! May you continue to experience healing.
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  3. Alysa
    I would love to know what you were eating? You said you were healthy and I feel the same. I started eating specifically "tahini" on my bread in the morning which triggered my period after month of no period. Also I had been doing apple cider vinegar for a few months beforehand. The tahini I give credit to though. I changed a lot....started baking my own bread (rye) which does have less gluten. Took more vitamins too. Anyways glad u found keto! I don't think keto is for me but I just baked my first keto bread! It turned out great but a tad dense (I left out one ingredient) still amazing taste and not eggy
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  4. Alysa
    I meant to type months of no period like 5 or 6 months
  5. Marianne
    Wonderful story and great testimonial. I hope the benefits keep increasing for you!
    Reply: #10
  6. Bethany
    Hi Alyssa!

    I hope you get this message even though it’s almost a year since you wrote it. I don’t get notified of messages on my story. I was just visiting the page because I was sharing my story with someone else who has PCOS.

    I ate strictly what was on this site’s (Diet Doctor) two-week challenge meal plan. So I ate scrambled eggs EVERY morning for two weeks. I had left overs from supper for lunch, and a new meal every supper. All from this website. They post free recipes. I signed up for the two-week challenge for free, and they sent a new recipe every day to my inbox. They also send out an email in preparation for the keto diet with grocery lists. I also had bone broth from chicken in between meals — from their suggestion. If you don’t think keto is for you, I can totally understand that.

    What you’re doing sounds very healthy anyways. I will say that since I went keto and think that I in some ways healed my body, even if I cheat on this diet, I will not touch gluten anymore. I stay away from white potatoes, white rice, and gluten. I feel that since I cut those out of my diet, if I re-introduce them I feel awful after eating them. Personally, if I eat popcorn maybe once a month, I still feel great afterwards.

    Thanks for your interest! Hope you’re doing well :)

  7. Bethany
    Sorry, and if you meant what I was eating before I went keto, I was eating home cooked meals with little pre-packaged foods. I would eat stir-fry with the meat marinated in soy sauce (has gluten) with white rice (also broccoli and onions). I would eat baked chicken coated with wheat flour and seasoned with salt, pepper, and paprika with a side of usually rice/potatoes and carrots. For lunch, I would leftovers or a sandwich or salad. For breakfast I would eat a bagel or English muffin with cream cheese. Or, if I had time, a breakfast sandwich with cheese, egg, and ham. For holidays I would make a turkey with potatoes, sweet potatoes, and carrots. I would eat pie too (homemade). If I went out with friends, I would eat a burger and fries, as I felt I ate at home enough that eating a junk meal isn’t so bad. As I also mentioned on my story, I didn’t have problems with my weight, so other than having PCOS and feeling crappy all the time, I had no motivation to stay away from a junk meal every now and a again. At the time, I didn’t understand that my diet was contributing to both my PCOS and low energy.

    I stayed away coffee, alcohol, and never smoked. I went for walks and did yoga. I only drank green tea and water. For a movie night, I would eat chips, but never, ever sugary candy. I never, ever ate candy. I did eat cheese and plain yogurt, but never drank dairy milk, as I just can’t stand the taste of it.

    I went vegan for a very brief time in my life as it really didn’t help me to feel better after I had a bad reaction to the antibiotics I took. Because I felt so bad after the antibiotics, I didn’t cook as much as I should have. I snacked on breads and would just eat vegetables. I would asparagus or broccoli by itself as a vegan. I wasn’t a good vegan lol.

    I genuinely thought I was eating healthy, but then trying the keto diet and mainly eating cruciferous vegetables with a protein, and absolutely no chips or gluten, I realized how unhealthy I was probably eating. I also ate nearly no fat as I was one of those people that thought fat was the enemy. It was really eye-opening being on the keto diet. Whether you choose to follow the diet or not, I do believe it can be eye-opening. Lowering the carbs, going gluten-free, and increasing healthy fats is, in my experience, a healthy option, and it’s something I wasn’t aware of or doing before the keto diet.

    Hope this helps and answers your question, Alysa :)

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  9. Bethany
    First reply I put “Alyssa” when it is “Alysa.” My apologies! Sorry any typos. (iPhones)
  10. Bethany
    Thank you so much! :)
  11. Bethany
    Thank you!! :)
  12. rowan.osman
    This is a quick question, I hope you get it. Are girls with PCOS allowed cheese? I found many keto recipes with cheese and whipped cream but I also heard dairy is not good for PCOS so I am confused I don't know what is right :(

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