Can you lose 133 pounds while enjoying pizza? Yes – if it’s keto!


Before and after

Nikki has dropped an astounding 133 pounds (63 kg) – congratulations on your achievement!

After having lost her first 50 lbs (23 kg), she switched to the keto diet. And she still enjoys a weekly Fathead pizza as a part of her healthy eating.

In order to keep herself satisfied and make sure she’s never hungry, Nikki eats a variety of foods. “I eat a lot of eggs and avocado. I make keto-friendly smoothies,” she said. “I eat pizza every Friday made with Fathead dough, I make 90-second bread with almond flour, and [I eat] lots of veggies smothered in butter. I cook a lot with coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil.”

Popsugar: Nikki ate “pizza every Friday” and still lost 133 pounds, thanks to this diet

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  1. Francoise
    Fantastic results. Kudos! But we, LCHFers know this is not unusual. However, every success deserves to be applauded.
  2. Shelly
    I would air caution linking "popsugar" in anything. They also have an article going against this way of eating. Also falsely accusing people of crimes. They are false news. They most likely lifted this story from another source. Congrats to Nikki on the weight loss, nevertheless.
  3. Fabiane
    Wow! Amazing! Thanks for being an inspiration! ??

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