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Using a Ketogenic Diet to Stop Brain Tumor Growth


Pablo received devastating news at age 25: He had a terminal brain tumor and only between 6 and 9 months to live. Doctors suggested chemotherapy – despite no hope of a cure in his case.

After studying online, Pablo chose to implement a ketogenic diet instead. Two years later, he’s still miraculously alive. What’s more, the tumor is apparently not even growing.

Plymouth Herald: Pablo, 27, Says His Survival After Terminal Diagnosis Is down to a Special Diet

The idea behind using a ketogenic diet to stop tumor growth is that you can starve it by not feeding it sugar. Plus, lowering growth factors like insulin may also slow down growth. It might work in some instances, and in some not, as outlined in this article which we wrote a few weeks back: Can Low-Carb and Ketogenic Diets Be Helpful in Treating Cancer?.

Note that Pablo is a case where conventional chemotherapy would have a moderate effect at best, with no hope of a cure. In many other situations conventional cancer treatment is very effective, offering excellent odds of beating the disease. Turning down treatment in such cases would be a very bad idea.

However, a ketogenic diet might be a potent weapon to use alongside other cancer treatments, at least in some cases. There would probably be much more research going on if it were a patentable drug instead of a simple diet.


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  1. Cathy
    In the Herald article Pablo says his next step is to try and shrink his brain tumor. I recently read a very credible book called "Curing Cancer with Carrots" written by Ann Cameron, who cured her cancer by drinking five cups of fresh carrot juice per day for several weeks. Apparently carrots contain falcarinol, a natural chemical in the carrot that protects it from fungus in the soil and has also been shown to kill cancer cells.
  2. rik
    Carrots have sugar which tumors need to grow.

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