Keto success stories: men 18-39

  • How Ricardo lost 240 pounds
  • Can keto help autism? Ellis' story
  • A family's keto journey
  • "Keto is not a diet, it is a way of life"
  • "I am literally 60% of the man I used to be"
  • How Javier went from morbidly obese to having a new life
  • The keto diet: "What I couldn’t believe was how easy it was!"
  • The result of a stricter LCHF and intermittent fasting
  • "The fact that I felt 15 years younger couldn’t be ignored"
  • Losing 135 pounds in one year with LCHF
  • How Jonathan ended his junk-food habits
  • How Emre found a sustainable diet
  • "Without LCHF it is not possible!"
  • "It is a lifestyle change and not a diet"
  • How Artur turned his life around
  • 4.5 years with keto and IF and "everything got better"
  • "It was amazing and the weight just started to drop"
  • "My weight is stable and my mood is escalating"
  • "My results speak for themselves"
  • "Keto has been miraculous"
  • "Intermittent fasting and keto together both changed my life"


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