“It turned out that even I could become weight stable at a normal weight”


Before and after

After a lifetime of dramatic weight fluctuations, Louise had a realization three years ago. She was addicted to sugar!

With that insight, she was finally able to change her lifestyle and start eating low carb. This is what has happened since then:

Hello Andreas!

We spoke at the Swedish Low Carb Cruise in February this year.

Yesterday, I celebrated three years on low carb without sweeteners and without cheating. I would like to share my story.

The impossible turned out to be possible. I’ve been dieting since I was 11 years old and tried most diets: Weight Watchers, Nutrilett, Herbalife, Fit for Life, intensive exercise, different types of weight-loss programs, Xenical, Reductil and even gastric bypass.

I’ve lost weight with all these methods. Quickly and easily. Unfortunately, I regained weight when I went back to my old eating habits. At my peak I weighed 55 kg (121 lbs) more than today and had a BMI which indicated obesity.

I even gained weight after the initial weight loss (-45 kg [99 lbs]) after mutilating my stomach in 2009. That was supposed to be impossible! Shame and guilt flushed throughout my whole body and once again I was approaching the 220-pound mark.

My awakening occurred on the night of the 3rd of August 2014. I realized that I had abused sugar since childhood. I understood it and accepted it and was suddenly ready to act.

I started eating low carb without sweeteners three years and one day ago. I’ve never gone back to my old way of eating. I’ve found my way of living. It turned out that even I could become weight stable at a normal weight.

More about my weight-loss journey is on my website www.antligensockerfri.se (in Swedish) and on the Instagram account @antligensockerfri.

Kind regards,


Thank you for sharing your story Louise. It’s truly inspiring for other people suffering from sugar addiction!

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