The keto diet: “On this journey I have found my own inner strength”


Kimberly has lost an impressive 131 lbs (59 kg) on the keto diet! But that is far from the only benefit she has reaped from starting the weight-loss journey.

Along the way she has healed her relationship with food and her body, and has, as she puts it, “taken her life back”:

Good evening!

My name is Kimberly, I’m a 33-year old stay-at-home mom from Arizona (loving_lessofme_more on IG). I’ve lost 131 lbs (59 kg) with keto since September 2016 and wanted to share my story with you. Thank you so much for your time!

My entire life I hated my body. I searched for ways to change it and to hide it, all along not realizing that the only way I was ever going to be happy is if I loved it. As I ventured along my weight-loss journey I began thinking about my daughters (I have twin three-year olds and an 11 year old) and how ashamed they must be of their “fat” mom.

I noticed them looking up to me… figuring out how they should feel about their bodies… wondering what value they added to the world… and basing that conclusion on how I felt about my body. It hit me like a ton of bricks. The problem wasn’t with my body… it was my poor self esteem and lack of self confidence. There’s nothing shameful about the size of a body. I knew losing the weight without loving myself would never be the answer. So, I ended the war with my body.

I concentrated on creating sustainable, easily maintained habits. Keto fit so naturally into my lifestyle. Unlike other low-carb diets I felt satisfied and the cravings only returned when I fell off track.

I adjusted this way of eating as I went and made it work for me and my family. When tracking macros became overwhelming, I switched to lazy keto paired with intuitive eating. Through that combination I was able to end my destructive habit of binge eating and develop a healthy relationship with food.

When I began this journey on Sept 12, 2016, I would have told you that losing 131 lbs (59 kg) and 12 pant sizes with keto would be my greatest achievement. I would have been wrong. On this journey, I have found my own inner strength. I have overcome debilitating anxiety and severe mood swings. I’ve discovered a passion for hiking and exploring. I have taken my life back.

I am not chasing a fad diet nor am I on a mission to have a six pack. I am on a journey to fuel my body with healthy foods and to move it in ways that make me feel genuinely happy and comfortable in my own skin. And to show my girls that their worth in this world will never be defined by the size of their body.

Kimberly’s Instagram: loving_lessofme_more


Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story, Kimberly! I really like your words of wisdom about self esteem and body image, it is such an important part which we don’t talk about enough in the keto community.

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  1. Karen
    Congrats on your success!
    You look incredible.
  2. Terrie
    Nope been doing keto for about a month now no change in weight loss i think im going to give up and do something else doesnt work for me unless i starve.
    Replies: #6, #15
  3. sonia lee
    me too
  4. monica
    I think you may be referring to 'intermittent fasting' rather than 'starvation'. I do 16:8 intermittent fasting, most days and in combination with the low carb diet, it keeps my cravings low and my appetite in check. My weight loss is not huge, but I have lost my abdominal fat and I feel so much better.
  5. Keya
    Hi All,
    I have been doing this Keto diet for less than 2 weeks , and I’ve already lost 2 kgs.. Im happy!
  6. Lee
    Terrie, please do some research before you give up. It is incredibly common for people not to lose weight for a while on keto - your body really needs to start healing internally first. My sister didn't lose any weight for the first 5 weeks and then she started losing quickly and is down 30 pounds in 5 months. I had a similar stall and am so glad I stuck with it because I've lost 40 pounds since November. The first two months were very slow but then it started kicking in.
    Replies: #7, #10
  7. Amanda
    Lee, thank you so much for posting this. I was on Keto for 2 months last year and lost only a few pounds (I have about 70-80 lbs to lose), so I gave up. I started again a few weeks ago and same thing. I am going to stick with it this time, and be more strict about it, and hopefully I can lose. I always feel like there's something wrong with me when I try these diets and things that seem to change everyone else's life (Paleo, cutting out gluten, etc) and I get no results. Your comment makes me want to stick with it for a lot longer before I say it's not going to work for me!
    Reply: #12
  8. Tasha
    what is lazy keto?
  9. WarblingLisa
    Kimberly, congrats on your amazing success. Clearly, you've lost weight, but you've also found an inner peace and happiness that is just as important to your health. Good for you!! Thanks for sharing your story with us.
  10. WarblingLisa
    Lee, you touched on something that I've heard from other successful keto dieters: the body needs to do some healing before weight loss occurs. That's a really important point to remember. Most of us have done literally years of damage to our bodies with unhealthy eating habits. It stands to reason that some internal healing might be necessary before the body can start tapping fat reserves for fuel.

    I've been eating low carb high fat for over two years and have lost about 40 pounds, BUT I've reversed type II diabetes and reduced belly fat. I was able to walk downtown in 90 degrees heat for over an hour without melting into a big pile of goo! It's important to look beyond the scale for our success markers. Good health leads the way to weight loss...even if it the weight loss takes longer than we'd like.

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  12. Mary
    Amanda, how did things turn out for you? My sister had similar problems on keto but I've had success.
  13. Debra
    Kimberly Congratulations!! I love the self love improvement. The health benefits are too numerous to mention. Weight loss is a side effect. This way of life works when followed.
  14. Stephanie
    This was beautifully written and touched my journey on so many different levels. I really appreciate these success stories. They show real people not giving up, finding their way to what works for them. site is where I point family and friends for solid and accurate information and the proof of real lives being changed.
  15. Tasha
    You sound like me. Starving seems to be the only way...
  16. Tamarah
    Congrats Kimberly on your new found Health !!!
  17. 1 comment removed
  18. tabitha
    started keto three weeks ago..i have lost 7.5 kgs
  19. monica
    Another benefit from keto, is that my quality of sleep is so much better. I awake refreshed and with plenty of energy.
  20. Veronica
    I follow Kimberly on Instagram. Very inspiring and motivating!

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