“The keto diet has changed my life for the better and I know it can change yours too”


Ashlee weighed 232 lbs (105 kg) and had problems with her feet that she had undergone surgery in an attempt to fix. Things didn’t quite seem to be going her way.

But one day she and her husband decided to cut out soda and then the thought hit them: what if they were to start a keto diet?

Ashlee’s story


My name is Ashlee and I’m 27, almost 28 years old. On April 22, 2019 I weighed 232 lbs (105 kg). I was wearing XL shirts and size 18 pants and had feet problems. I’ve had five surgeries on my feet from being flat footed. I’ve always been big since middle school.

My husband and I were talking one day, saying we need to cut out pop, then start eating healthy. So that got me thinking how our life would be if we started the keto diet and changed our lifestyles. So with the help from him I needed to even want to make that step, the next day I started throwing everything bad in our house away. I sat down and started to google everything I needed to know about the keto diet. Not having anyone to talk to about it and to figure it out on my own was hard but I didn’t let that stop me.

On April 22nd, I set a goal for myself to lose weight. I needed to be 150 lbs (68 kg) which meant I needed to lose 82 pounds (37 kilograms). I told myself I would never get there but I still wasn’t going to let that stop me. Each and everyday I pushed my self despite wanting to give up, crying, and being mad but I knew that if I were to give up my weight problems would have gotten worse and I didn’t want to be like that.

To end my story, today is February 24, 2020. I’m 10 months into my keto weight loss journey and I have lost 80 pounds (36 kilograms) with two more to reach my goal of wearing a size small/ medium shirts and 9/10 pants. I feel so much better, no more problems with my feet and I’m always so energized. The keto diet has changed my life for the better and I know it can change yours too.

So when you say you want to do something, don’t ever say you can’t, because you can. Also don’t say you can’t ever reach a goal because it’s too high or impossible, because nothing is impossible when you put your mind to it! I hope my story will help you start yours. Welcome to your weight-loss journey and always remember to take your before and after pictures! You won’t regret it!


Thanks for sharing your story with us, Ashlee. Congrats on your inspiring journey, and thank you for helping motivate others to follow your lead and regain their lives back!

/ Dr. Bret Scher

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