Paleo baby

Paleo baby

Here’s my 8 month-old daughter Alva, gnawing on a bone. Why am I showing you this? Let me tell you.

Today the Paleo f(x) conference starts in Austin, Texas and we’re there to check it out. I’m a big fan of Paleo diets and evolutionary thinking in general. Even more so when it comes to healthy lifestyles, where having an evolutionary template is critical for making sense of all the conflicting messages.

For a growing child, an evolutionarily appropriate environment is probably more important than ever.

My daughter Alva is not starting her life eating pre-packaged powder-based fake food. She’s eating real food, using all of her four teeth. She’s not even fond of pureed food anymore. She likes boiled vegetables with melted butter. Scrambled eggs. And tiny pieces of meat. Basically she’s starting to eat the same things as the rest of the family.

Both Alva and her 3.5-year-old big sister Klara are insanely healthy and happy kids. Perhaps we are just lucky. But then again, perhaps it’s not just luck.


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  1. jo
    what a lucky child to have an 'enlightened' parent like you.

    My son was brought up on carbs as I was not enlightened back then, but now he's 19 years old he's turning around his eating, he'd dropped the carbs and upped the fat and he's getting 'cut' (like he says....which means he's losing fat and his muscles are becoming more defined), he loves his new low carb high fat diet, so 19 years late for him but 'never too late' :) (I am 45 years old)

  2. Nicole
    So cute! I completely agree! When my son was a baby I didn't know anything about LCHF (wish I had), but I knew all that crap they sell for babies to eat was a lot of nonsense. He consumed nothing but breast milk for the first 6 months of his life, and after that I just slowly introduced real food, while continuing to breast feed. I didn't know what I know now, so I did give him grains, but he was still a ridiculously healthy baby, and even now (he's 11) he has a great immune system, no allergies, and rarely gets sick. You're doing a great job Andreas.
  3. Marisol
    My baby girl is currently 6 1/2 months old. She's been only breastfed since birth and 2 weeks ago we started giving her food. I was lucky enough to know about LCHF during pregnancy, so I've decided to feed her with real food only (meat and veggies). Even though our pediatritian thinks we should give her grains anyway. I expect to breastfeed her until she can drink regular milk (full fat). Thanks for all the advice, a chilean follower.
    P.s. my baby is also TOO healthy as well ;)
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  4. Jo
    wow, well done Marisol!
  5. Gay Corran
    Alva has the most beautiful complexion!
  6. Murray
    “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”
  7. Janknitz
    Ditto what Gary said about complexion.

    It's a little hard to see because of the shadows in the picture, but Alva's skin looks clear and evenly colored.

    Too many babies I see have inflamed red cheeks and "baby acne"-- I'm guessing food intolerances most likely from grains.

  8. Tuck
    We started our daughter on ribs before she had teeth, even with her gums she could polish a rib clean. I'm sure it helped her teething a lot too!
  9. Marcelle
    As a baby I was fed a carb based diet of first rice cereal and then something called Ouma Meelbol. I was rather overweight and as a result of this did not walk until I was 18 months old! I guess I must have been one of those children who was insulin resistant very early in life. I battled with my weight throughout my life until I discovered low carb just when I turned 50. Within 18 months I had dropped 5 sizes in clothing, yaay. I wish my mother could have got this information 52 years ago. Thanks Andreas for your wonderful website. This website, along with The Real Meal Revolution by Tim Noakes, has been of tremendous help to me.
  10. Margaret
    What a beautiful and lucky girl. Lucky that you are her father. :-)
  11. Beautiful! Exhibit A for the Tim Noakes show trial.
  12. Jan
    So beautiful, as is her older sister.

    All the best Jan

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