Keto-paleo for athletes – Jamie Caporosso

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Are low-carb diets really for athletes? Could you build a lot of muscle on low carb? And what is keto-paleo?

In this talk powerlifter Jamie Caporosso talks about these things and his personal paleolithic and ketogenic journey.

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You can watch a segment of the presentation above (transcript). The full 11-minute presentation is available (with captions and transcript) for members:

Keto-Paleo for Athletes – Jamie Caporosso


Here’s what our members have said about the interview:

It is very good to have real people talking about their success on a low carb diet. Sometimes the experts can get a little carried away with the science talk – which is good, but this fellow seems to be one of those ‘just folks’ who have actually done this at home – and he looks great!
– Barbara

Would love to see an interview with Jamie, thanks for introducing me to another resource!!
– CNordstrom

I agree with Barbara, nice to listen to a fellow dieter instead of a doctor with all the science. Sometimes it’s over my head, all the science and research. Thanks!
– Karen

Keto-Paleo for Athletes – Jamie Caporosso


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