1. Anna
    Wowzers! I've lost about 27 pounds on LCHF in the last 7 months. I used to lose at about one pound a week, but for the last month and a half, it has slowed down. I reached a plateau for a bit, but I'm still losing much more slowly.

    I do exercise more in the summer because I bike to get around. I like to tell myself that perhaps I'm gaining muscle. I used to find it very hard to gain muscle, but I suspect LCHF does enable my body to increase its muscle mass because my body is finally able to access energy from my fat cells. Could this make sense?

    I want to lose another 20 pounds, so any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciate.

  2. bill
    It's apparent that overweight people
    have fewer distinct facial features than
    thinner people.

    In other words, fat people all seem to
    look the same.

    Anybody else notice the same thing?

  3. Fernán
    Wow, congratulations!
  4. FrankG
    Good For You Johan! :-)
  5. Dan
    On August 1 I'll be celebrating my first anniversary on LCHF...and today, a day or two before, I'm at 167 lbs lost. I was and remain huge, and there are about 100 left to go, but beyond the weight and the visible improvements I just plain feel BETTER--stronger, faster, (I am beginning to think I'll sound too much like the opening of the old "Six Million Dollar Man" series if I continue this list, but you get the idea!)

    Best part? Telling people--not to show off, but to share things like this site (always one of the first things I do share) with them. BTW, sometimes they just can't believe that number of lbs lost, and the answer is simple: My driver's license photo--which I jokingly call my "Jabba-the-Hut-All-Neck" shot. So...anyone who hasn't figured this out yet and is waiting for a "moment" to start? Today is a really GREAT day to start, and I hope Johan's pix and story inspire you, and maybe my celebration will be yours a year from now.

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  6. FrankG
    And Good For You Dan! :-)
  7. ZellZ
    I'm happy for him. He looks pretty young & is a guy, so all that may have helped him & I've no doubt it did. What I want to see is middle aged women who have lost 100 pounds or more & kept it all off for five years or more. Can you show one of those, Dr. E? I'm sure they exist & I would like to know some of their secrets. I've lost a significant amount of weight, myself, on lchf, but it's not been an easy thing at all & I still struggle w/massive amounts of pain & fatigue. I like this way of eating a Lot, but it hasn't been the panacea for me that many others brag of. Well, that is not surprising, as we are all individuals. There is no "one size fits all" diet - is there? I would think not, especially as many problems & health issues may go well beyond what any one diet can do for the individual. I offer my insights here not as the "Glowing Success", but as the "still plugging away at it & still in much pain" diehard lchf diet follower. I'm doing my best, given who I am & where I am & what I can afford, in terms of high quality lchf food. I'm not the rampant, hysterical naysayer, but I'm also not the "After" photo, either. I would like for this blog to be open to My message, as well as those from the Successes: not everyone gets to be Johan. What about the non-Johans, the ones who have lost much weight but have plateaued, the ones who have improved a great deal in terms of how they feel, but still suffer & struggle so much & Seldom if ever have a day w/o so much pain & fatigue? Do we count, also, or do people just want to hear from the cyclists & women who can now wear tight dresses?
  8. ZellZ
    I do think, in my own way, I Am Also a Success! Just, not the kind of Success I would have anticipated being, when starting this way of eating. I no longer binge & my cravings are much less. Still, they do flare up, sometimes in a very troubling way (usually around holidays & celebrations). Still, I do not give in to them & I also do exercise daily. All that, plus: to stop bingeing after being a life-long binger - well, that is no Small Success, at All. That is Major. Just, not as much Success as I anticipated I would accrue. Primarily, I would like to have more energy & less pain. Weight loss is not as important to me as those other 2.
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  9. Murray
    ZellZ I hear you on the cost. To get higher quality food costs more. I rationalize it by eating less. Our meat portions now rarely exceed 4-6 ounces. Also, I get value cuts. Instead of tenderloin, we get clodhammers (tender beef cut in the shoulder, also called petit tenderloin). It's usually half the price. Other nice cuts are flat iron, bavette (vaccio, flank) or hanger. All lovely grilling meats instead of strip loin but much cheaper. I get cheeks and briskets for braising-- both tasty value cuts. A quality cheese such as genuine roquefort is more expensive but it takes less to feel satisfied. It helps i can get it at Costco. Chicken livers and duck livers are inexpensive. I make pâté and mousse with them. Another discovery for me is wild salmon fish heads at the market. They have great cheek muscle flesh (a delicacy) and there is always a fair amount of meat behind the gills where they cut the fillet from the head. Just $1 each, free late Saturday afternoon ( the market is closed Sunday Monday).

    I admire my late grandmother who made do with every off cut imaginable during the great depression and was probably healthier for it. Head cheese back then meant brain. It sounds awful but one of my favourite dishes now is lamb's brain I get at a local restaurant.

  10. Leanmaxx
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  11. Mary
    I, like a lot of readers about success stories, would really appreciate tips and even diaries to show what these people ate to lose so much weight. Is it possible for these to be shared please?
  12. Kathy
    I'm just starting lchf, so far I'm happy, less then a week in, have lost 4.5 lbs. love this way of eating. But I agree with Mary , would love to know what people ate, also i am trying to understand the food ratios for ultimate ketosis, 15% protein 80% fat and 5% carb! how much in oz. or grams is this equivalent to. Please help!
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  13. Zepp
    Its individual.. but dont make it more difficult then it need to be!

    Dont count a lot in the begining.. its more about to eat real food, less carbs and more fat.. and the fat is in your food, ad no more fat then needed to coock!

    To be able to tell anything in grams one need to know how much calories a person eats!

    Let say one need 2000 cal a day.. then 5E% carbs beeing 25 grams, and 15E% protein is 75 grams and 80E% fat is 177 grams!

    But it is energy percent.. and if one dont know how to calculate this.. its better to use a online food calculator!

    But dont start to do that the first thing.. its booring!

    Just go for some low carb recepies on the net, and make attention on your apetite.

    Start too read here;



    And I can tell right now.. that the food is a lesser problem.. its ones mind that is the biggest.. its takes a mind shift.. and that difficult.. it take the longest time!

  14. Mary
    Hi Zepp,

    I totally agree with you regarding the mind thing.

    You have to be determined to give up the sugar!!

    My sister went to this way of eating and was very successful. After losing the weight she wanted to lose, she told me that she used to reward herself once a week with a cupcake. I didn't want to tell her .... "use your willpower, the cake will do nothing for you except effect your insulin".

    She is now back to eating like so many people out there and has put on heaps of weight. I am trying to work on her at the moment and steer her back to lchf :)

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  15. Mary
    Hi Kathy,

    You sound really serious about what you want to achieve.

    Do you want to chat and share some of our ideas to see if we can keep ourselves on target?

  16. Zepp
    Send here this link!


  17. Mary
    Thanks for the link Zepp :)

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