What if I’m overeating on healthy foods?

Ask Bitten Jonsson

What to do if you’re overeating healthy low-carb foods? How do you start intermittent fasting if you’re a food addict? And what to do about night-time snacking?

These and other questions are answered this week by our food-addiction expert, Bitten Jonsson, RN:

Overeating on high fat

Dear Bitten,

I never overeat on carbs… I overeat on healthy foods like avocado, nuts and cheese… what’s your opinion on this? If you ask me, I love these foods and I don’t overeat these foods because I am emotional or something like that… I just love them and they do something with me, internally, but it’s not an emotional reaction. What’s your opinion on these? I guess there is nothing wrong with these foods so… what’s normally the reason after overeating these healthy foods? Where can I read more information about this problem: overeating healthy food?


Ro1 you are not alone. Overeating is a well know problem among sugar/flour/food addicts. We call it volume addiction and some can overeat almost anything. Eating is pleasurable.

Many of us are addicted to milk products (cheese is most common but also, whipped cream and yoghurt). They can mimic our bodies own painkiller, opiates. Nuts are difficult, since they are carbs too and easy to munch on.

If overeating is a problem I advice you consult with a professional that can help to create a food plan where you weigh and measure your food. So many have been helped by that. I also advice you read Dr. Vera Tarmans book Food Junkies and join our support group on Facebook: Sugarbomb in your head. I do not know where you live but google for http://www.oa.org (Overeaters Anonymous) and see if there are meetings in your area, they also have phone meetings.

Great recovery to you,

How to overcome addictive resistance to fasting?

I am convinced of the value of intermittent fasting. But although I have stepped away from carbs, still every night I find myself heading for the fridge for too much of the keto foods. Also I can’t skip the coffee in the morning either (and black coffee brings back the GERD otherwise cured by keto, so it’s either with cream or butter).

So trying to go without eating long enough to be intermittent fasting just doesn’t seem to work. It seems like an addiction, not so much to particular foods but just to eating itself. Do you have suggestions specific to overcoming the desire/habit to eat, in order to do IF?


Jennifer, if you are a sugar/flour/foodaddict, trying to deal with recovery by yourself is extremely hard. And it sounds like fasting is not for you at this point. I have answered that question many times saying that if you are addicted you need to be in very stable recovery for a long time, at least 12 -18 months or more before trying to fast otherwise you may relapse.

We addicts need many more tools than only a food plan if we want to be free. I suggest that you contact my colleague David Avram Wolfe, dietician specialized in sugar addiction at http://www.triggerfreenutrition.com to get a specific food plan for your needs. And welcome to our closed group on Facebook Sugarbomb in your head


Night snacking

I have a craving to snack when I am done for the night. Mostly peanuts or plain popcorn some kind of small finger food. Any way to cut that out or make it something healthier?


Hi Kerry,

Night snacking is usually due to three things. One, low blood sugar after a heavy dinner, most of us sugar addicts like to make dinner the largest meal, and second also about habit and third because we are tired and tiredness makes us want to eat. We like to munch in front of TV in the evening.

I suggest that you make lunch the largest meal and that you have a plan for the evening. In the beginning of our new lifestyle many has been helped by taking 1 tsp-1 tbsp pure Glutamine powder in a glass of room temperature water and 1 tbsp of coconut oil in a warm fluid, some decaf tea for instance.(while there is no strong evidence supporting glutamine for this specific use, it does have some anecdotal and clinical success stories)

Sleep is very important so try to go to bed earlier.

My best,


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  1. Nicole
    What does the glutamine in water and coconut oil do?
  2. Jillian Warren
    I've heard that glutamine is an amino acid that somehow stops sugar cravings. Coconut oil helps us feel full.
  3. Ethical Person
    Change your lifestyle. Give whole foods an honest try. Cut out the oil, added sugar, and reduce the salt. After a couple weeks you'll start to crave the healthy food. You'll be training your pallet. High carbs are ok as long as they come from from whole foods and aren't refined. Get the dairy and meat out of the diet and your body will thank you for it. You yourself will wonder why you didn't do it a long time ago.
  4. Derya
    Couldn’t agree less with that last statement.
    Unless, of course, you will quote us all the studies that prove meat and dairy as villains, and „high carbs“ from good sources as good.
  5. Keto Jenic
    I was really looking forward to reading about how to overcome resistance to fasting. Too bad the answer was a complete non-answer, other than "join our group". Not a great read at all.
  6. EL
    Keto Jenic, I agree the group shill was poor, but there an answer too. The answer was to stabilize yourself in the keto regime for 6 months first and then try IF again. Some other tips from my personal experience, just make yourself drink black coffee, ween yourself onto it if you have to, eat dinner earlier so you can eat lunch earlier, drink lots of water, and not to sound like jerk, but exersize more will power too, it’s tough to start with.
  7. Gabrielle
    If you identify as a food addict you might want to look up bright line eating. It explains the way your mind is working to make you over eat and gives you strategies to manage your eating. These include giving up flour and sugar, eating 3 pre planned and measured meals a day and not snacking. I’ve found it works well with LCHF and is really helping me understand why I snack, overeat and even binge on healthy food, and is helping me overcome these compulsions. Good luck
  8. Louise
    I'm very tired and out of energy on this diet. The first couple of weeks I was starting to feel better and have energy. What happened? I can hardly get out of the bed in the morning because of being tired. I've had a 7 or 8 hrs. sleep. I've reached menapause. Do you think that could be my problem? What do you suggest for people on menapause on the keto diet for weight loss? I don't have but 15 lbs. more to lose but I also want to eat this way for life. What would you suggest? thankyou,
    Thank you,
  9. Danielle
    I was religiously on the Keto diet for three weeks. Loved it, felt great....gain four pounds. So I stoppe and went back to my old regimen , not as much fun, but it worked. When you told that fellow, in his post above, that maybe he should join over eaters anonymous or see a shrink , since he seems to have a quantity eating disorder!! How unkind and sanctimonious. Do you know what their success rate are ? Pretty dismal. I am very disappointed in your advice.
  10. Beverly
    I have been on Keto for awhile and haven’t lost much. I am going to start intermittent fasting 5:2, my question is on the days I fast eating 500 calories do I still eat Keto foods or any 5:2 recipes? I didn’t know where to ask the questions so I asked it here, sorry if it is not the right place.
    Reply: #11
  11. russell
    Hi Beverly,
    Always stick to LCHF diet, whether fasting or not. Otherwise, you won't remain in ketosis.

    Check out this video for more tips:


  12. Ellie
    I'm really curious about the comment on how dairy can mimic opiates. I came to this hypothesis through my own reading as well as my own and clinical experience with clients trying to stop dairy, but I had no idea this was a well-known fact. I'd love to see some science on how dairy mimics opiates. Also, do you have any experience with A1 vs A2 dairy in that regard? From my own research, it would appear that A1 beta casein is what activates the opiod receptors. Have you seen people react less to A2 beta casein? Thank you!

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