Can you just stop eating carbs and drinking alcohol from one day to another?

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Can you just stop eating carbs and drinking alcohol from one day to another? And can you cook potatoes with roast beef – and use the liquid as soup?

These and other questions are answered this week by our food-addiction expert, Bitten Jonsson, RN:

Can I start eating low carb without any transition period and while still slowly limiting the alcohol intake?

Hi ;)

1. Is it safe to start eating below 20 g carbs if until now I was eating HUGE amounts of sugar every day?
2. Can I start a keto diet while I am limiting slowly the alcohol ( I used to drink a LOT). Or should I wait until I get to zero alcohol?

I started IF (1 pm and 6 pm meals) and limiting carbs slowly. My blood test a few months ago (8-12?) was good.

Thank you in advance :)

Jakub, with my sugar-addicted and many alcohol-addicted patients we go cold turkey. We start on a liberal LCHF diet (20-50 g of good carbs) right away and then slowly adapt. Unless you drink huge amounts (if so you might need professional, medical detox) alcohol, sugary food, flour and processed food could be taken away from one day to another.

If you are an addict there are many more tools you need to learn about and use than just changing food. You are welcome to join our closed support group on facebook, Sugarbomb in your brain. Just answer the questions that come up otherwise we will not let you in.

My very best,

Can I cook potatoes with my roast beef for my spouse?

I cook roast beef in a pressure cooker and my lovely wife likes potatoes with her beef. I don’t eat the potatoes but is the resulting liquid full of carbs or is it ok for soup?


It is OK, sounds tasty.



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  1. Hollis
    Does keto or AIP help hypothyroidism?
  2. Donna Rauen
    Just want to say thank you!!! It means so much to me that there is logical and real help here.
    I have struggled with PCOS for over 30 years along with tired adrenals etc etc and now have severe IBS and skin issues but all I am ever told by Dr’s is that I need to eat less and move more.

    So grateful for your site


  3. Kim Roberts
    Great advice! I have to disagree about the potatoes in soup. Part of thickening a stew, is from the starch in the potatoes. Soaking them in water before deep frying removes some of the starch, allowing them to crisp better. I'm wondering why cooking them in soups would be different. Thanks for your response!
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  4. TeeDee
    I'd also like to know why there would be no problems with using the water from cooked potatoes. The water looks murky with the potato starch, so how could it not contain carbs? Very confusing :/

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