Assistant police chief loses 100 pounds on keto


Congratulations to Georgetown Assistant Police Chief Cory Tchida, 46, who has received a chief’s award for fitness! He lost around 100 lbs (45 kg) in the last year through a combination of ketogenic dieting and running.

Tchida told The Statesman that seeing his age group start to suffer health problems pushed him to take care of his health in order to be around his family for a long time.

I also think it is important to model behavior for your troops and the people that work for you.

Congratulations to Cory for setting such a good example to his colleagues!

Read the full article here:

The Statesman: Georgetown assistant police chief gets award for losing 100 pounds

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  1. Nancy. Arellano
    That's such a inspiration to the rest of us trying to lose weight!
  2. Matt Brooks
    I'm right there with him. I've lost 120+ pounds doing keto and walking.
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  4. Patricia Brown
    I am a 65 year old woman and in the last 12 months I have lost 78 pounds on the low carb keto diet and walking with my dogs! You are right there is a lot to live for and eating bacon is one of them! Lol
  5. Maria
    Congratulations to you all! I am going to start soon. I have faith that my tinnitus will end!
  6. Al
    I am in the midst of my Keto and so far lost 32 pounds in two months. Without any walking which I am slowly introducing. I have lost weight before but this time it will stay
  7. Richie B
    I lost 100 lbs on keto and intermittent fasting in 5.5 months. The weight loss seems rapid and some considered it unhealthy, but I regularly visited my physician to ensure that my vitals were fine, tested my testosterone and it was fine, cholesterol and it was fine, etc...
    Nearly all of my preexisting bone and muscle pain has subsided almost completely.
    Keto has become a lifestyle and the only difference I see in my style as opposed to others is the "science" of my cheat meals. I cheat for a full week, 7 days, every 90 days on. Slow progression into the cheat meals easing my transition back into the unhealthy food to prevent a shock to my body. It's been an amazing adventure. 8 months strong, 100 lbs down and feeling great.
  8. Brenda
    I'm 52, a grandma, disabled, have a wheelchair when I need it, in 8 months I've lost 88 lbs solely with keto and have about 25 left to lose.
    There's nothing better!
  9. Shirley
    I'm a 66 year old great grandmother and I've lost 12# in 3 months on my keto and still losing. I watch my 3 yr old grandson daily so that helps. Congratulations to everyone
  10. Sally
    How to do the me to diet can some one tell me.
  11. Sheela Varghese
    Having high triclycerides, to eat butter, bacon etc. seems a bit risky!
    Replies: #14, #15, #16
  12. Debra
    Congrats that is quite an accomplishment!! I went keto for the health benefits one year ago!!
  13. Gentiann
    If you go very low carbs, it's certain that your triglycerides will go down, no matter how much fat you're eating
  14. Solomon
    Sheela read about loosing fatty liver with this diet. Couldn't have been better.
    The researchers said "We observed rapid and dramatic reductions of liver fat and other cardiometabolic risk factors ..."
  15. Sandra
    High carbs cause high triglycerides. Using saturated fat increases HDL. Triglycerides to HDL should be as close to 1 to 1 as possible. Measure your blood glucose, Tri's and HDL and you will know more than most physicians about your health.

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