What Halle Berry eats on the keto diet


Ever wondered what celebrities eat to stay in shape? Then here is one answer – Halle Berry shares a number of her favorite meals on the keto diet. Check it out for some inspiration:

My Domaine: This is exactly what Halle Berry eats in 24 hours on the keto diet


Several people have expressed concern that we’re focussing on what a celebrity eats. I agree that science and results speak far louder than what some celebrity says.

We try to be very careful with celebrity gossip here at Diet Doctor, but I felt that what Halle Berry has shared herself on her Instagram is credible and that what she eats – with links to recipes – could be interesting and inspiring enough to a lot of people that we decided to share it.

Another concern is that portion sizes seem small and that it’s more of a low-carb diet than reliably ketogenic, as the amount of fat is on the low side.

My view is that portion sizes should be large enough so that the person eating feels satisfied and good. Depending on the size and activity level of someone, and also the number of meals per day, I guess some people could do great with these meals (perhaps with some snacking) while someone else (like me) would require much more food.

Some of the linked recipes seem to be borderline ketogenic, and what we here at Diet Doctor classify as moderate low carb. To stay in deep ketosis eating them could require good insulin sensitivity and/or exercise and/or intermittent fasting. But not everyone needs deep ketosis.

For reliably ketogenic recipes (under 4 energy percent carbs and no excess protein), see our keto recipes.


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