Halle Berry explains why she’s on a ketogenic diet

Academy award-winning actress Halle Berry is another celebrity who has adopted the ketogenic diet, as a means to stay in top shape and keep her type 1 diabetes in check.

Watch the video above to hear what foods she consumes and the idea behind the keto diet.

Toronto Sun: Halle Berry Explains Why She Adopted Ketogenic Diet: ‘I Eat Healthy Fats All Day Long’

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  1. Tom
    "So wiskey's not in that diet?" Damn!
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  2. Thiago
    She is type 2. Not type 1.
    Replies: #5, #15
  3. Gregory
    but whiskey is in that diet and dry wine.
  4. Lori
    Oh, but it is! https://www.dietdoctor.com/alcohol-stop-ketosis
    "Alcohol should not have any major effect on ketosis, as long as it’s no-carb alcohol. If anything, pure alcohol tends to somewhat increase ketosis." Yippee!
  5. Keith
    Descriptions in the media are vague my opinion is Halle Berry has the genetic disposition to LADA which is the slow onset of Type 1. Note her physician diagnosed her with Type 1 at aged 23 after she came out of a week long hyperglycemic coma, the diagnosis of T1 is a test for the anti bodies which attack the pancreas.




    Additional to the T1 antibody test there is also a test for the level of C-peptide proteins that can be done. Peptides are a part of the pancreas insulin production chain and accurately measure of how much insulin is still produced by the pancreas before being sent to the liver and entering the blood serum. The liver metabolises a percentage of insulin for itself which is why the peptide test is seen as a more accurate measure of insulin production.


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  7. Beccy
    Sorry, Keith. I accidentally reported this post - I didn't mean to and I'm not sure how to retract it. Your comment is, in fact, really informative and I have forwarded it to my diabetes support group.
  8. Ken
    If you want to be healthy then you should only enjoy alcohol in moderation. Alcohol is generally poisonous to the body. I would not recommend on a ketogenic diet especially because it can lead to further dehydration.
  9. Anne
    When making such a statement, it would be helpful to cite where you obtained your facts.
  10. mercedes
    No.....she's type 1 insulin dependant...since she was10
  11. Lauren
    Yay! I'm type 1 diabetic! Loved the video.
  12. Shai
    Type 1 also known as the "it's not my fault" diabetes where you're a random victim of an unfortunate disease. As opposed to type 2 where everyone assumes you got it because you're fat.
  13. Jane
    I developed LADA at 53. Was always slender and athletic and was a vegetarian for 10 Years My carb to insulin ratio is 6/1 so paleo or Keto is the only way of living that works for me. Have to watch my dark chocolate and nut consumption though. It is truthfully a way of life not a diet.
  14. Aileen
    Why do you have to watch your dark chocolate and nut consumption Jane? Thanks
  15. Becca
    No Halle is Type 1 since her early 20's

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