Halle Berry recommends the keto diet and Diet Doctor

Halle Berry

The amazing actress Halle Berry has previously discussed how she’s been eating a keto diet for years to control her diabetes. Yesterday, she shared some more thoughts about it on her Instagram (with 2.4 million followers), including a story with two links to explain keto for people who wanted to try it for themselves.

Her two links are to our keto guide, and our get started challenge. Thanks, Halle Berry! I hope many of your followers will find our site helpful.

By the way, I totally agree that for long-term success, keto should be thought of as a lifestyle change and not a temporary diet.

Ironically the Greek origin of the word “diet” means “way of life”. That’s a good way to think of it.


Halle Berry explains why she’s on a ketogenic diet

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  1. keith
    It is great that Halle Berry as a health conscious star is recommending dietdoctor.com as the go to site for the ketogenic diet Any chance that she could be a brand embassador for DD. There is also Mick Jagger a true survivor in the music industry who swears by the keto diet

    Unfortunately people in the entertainment business are like the general population some are poorly informed about health and others like Ms Berry and Mr Jagger take a keen interest in discovering as much they can.

    I know and see people who were once attractive as children but in their teens thru no fault of their own began to put on weight with addiction to carbs now in their fifties they are on the verge of metsys and can't understand why this is happening to them.

    Members here may criticise Berry and Jagger representing DD but they are both highly respected and are improving the lives of many by recommending keto. Their contribution does not have to be much a free to view interview with them talking about their keto journey that could be used as a link would be ideal

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