Two-meals-a-day strategy to fight type 2 diabetes in India

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Can reducing meals to only twice a day be part of a solution to slow the increase in obesity and type 2 diabetes in India? The medical education department of Mumbai just appointed preventive and social medicine professor Dr. Jagannath Dixit as the state’s brand ambassador to tackle the problem.

The Times of India: “Two-meals-a-day” professor to drive diabetes fight

Dr. Dixit is a strong believer in late Dr. Shrikant Jichkar’s diet plan which simply contains the lifestyle modification of only eating twice a day. Dr. Dixit was chosen to be the brand ambassador after the medical education department reviewed the results of the diet plan, which targets keeping insulin levels low. Dr. Dixit says:

If one follows the two-meal practice, I am sure there will not only be weight loss, but it will help in controlling diabetes. Reversal of diabetes is also possible

Eating two meals a day is basically intermittent fasting or time restricted eating, which we know has an effect on weight loss and type 2 diabetes. Another way to keep insulin low, which also makes fasting easier, is following a keto diet.

As rates of type 2 diabetes escalate across the globe, we hope more regions will adopt lifestyle changes like intermittent fasting and low-carb diets. Both practices address the problem of elevated insulin levels without expensive drugs.


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  1. Venkatesh
    Dr Dixit does not believe and support LCHF . The Indian diet being high carb unless LCHF is supported along with intermittent fasting fighting Diabetes will fail.
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  3. Deepak Puri
    Can one take medicine (capsule) in between two meals?
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  4. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    Can one take medicine (capsule) in between two meals?

    If that is when your doctor instructed you to take the medication, then yes, that is the advice you should follow.

  5. Dr.Nihar Ranjan Bhattacharya
    Low carb Healthy fat and good amount of PROTEIN + Intermittent Prolonged Fasting is the only, Economical and do-able life style modification to prevent and Reverse T 2 Diabetes & Prediabetes.
    No or less medicatin and Reduction of Units of Insulin, even Stopping Insulin also possible.
    I have been practicing it Kolkata now with amazing Success rate thanks to Dr. Jason Fung.
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  7. Ranga
    Dr. Dixit clearly state this method is for preventing diabetics & for healthy living. If one is already diabetic what You suggest hold good.
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  8. Ranga
    Following article helps further what Dr. Dixit adivocate based on various studies:
    Put https://


  9. Arnab
  10. anand
    he has made many claims that have no scientific basis

    1) insulin gets secreted in two phases in equal quantities about 55 min apart
    2) what you eat and how much you eat has no effect on insulin secretion

  11. sa

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