500 premature deaths from diabetes every week in the UK

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500 people are dying prematurely from diabetes complications every week in the UK. The NHS (Britain’s National Health Service) just released these horrifying numbers and health experts are saying the NHS is not doing enough to stop these largely preventable deaths.

The Telegraph: 500 diabetics dying each week, many from ‘avoidable’ complications

Express: Diabetes kills 500 each week: Many could be saved by proper care say experts

According to the charity Diabetes UK, many of the deaths are caused by complications from the disease, such as heart disease, stroke or amputations. All of these complications can potentially be avoided if patients get the most effective support to manage their condition. Diabetes UK is now demanding that NHS England improve the quality of local diabetes services in order to reduce the growing numbers of people dying prematurely because of diabetes.

The charity’s chief executive, Chris Askew, said:

Five hundred preventable, premature deaths each week is a harrowing statistic that highlights how serious diabetes can be.

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