How Tom Watson reversed his type 2 diabetes


Tom Watson, the deputy leader for the British Labour Party, reveals that he has reversed his type 2 diabetes and has come off his meds. How did he do it? He cut out carbs, sugar, junk food, and processed food from his diet.

He says he developed diabetes through being overweight and deeply unfit, because of his addiction to sugar and fast foods. After being diagnosed in 2017 he adapted the low-carb diet and has since lost 44 kg (98 lbs) and put his diabetes in remission.

In an article in Daily Express Watson says:

I am very happy to reveal that my type 2 diabetes has been reversed; it’s in remission. No longer having to take medicines for diabetes is a joy. To all type 2 diabetics I say: ‘Yes, we can’. Yet the tragedy for many type 2 diabetics is that they don’t even know their condition is reversible, let alone how to achieve it.

In the annual conference of ukactive, a physical activity group, he will give a speech about how he believes the official dietary guidelines have been misguided over the recent years and that a low-fat diet can do more harm than good.

The goal of his speech is trying to make Labour government commit to reversing the sharp rise in diagnosed diabetes cases. More than 3.5 million Britons have the disease today. Watson is also working with a new independent group of experts looking into what measures would be needed to do that.

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  1. Kenrick
    I am very pleased for Tom ...but sadly at the end of the actual article the same old BS was stated by the so called “ qualified “ nutrionalist about not cutting back too much on carbs as they are essential for energy - oops somebody better tell my body as I have been in ketosis constantly for over five yrs and on a carnivore diet for over a month now and never felt better. For me reducing my carbs to almost zero has been the final piece to my health revitalisation ...incredible !

    So, my regime is now OMAD, carnivore and my daily ketosis has not dropped below 2 ...average 2.5 - 3.3 and my recent full blood panel ( 3 weeks after I started carnivore) did not one single negative or concerning issue fact quite the opposite my bloods have never been better lean muscle is up and my fat % down another 1.4 % ...most importantly, my weight has stabilised at my desired weight and has stayed there ...despite only eating once a day !

    My conclusion ...for me less carbs the better, and I have no need to eat more than once a day ...but have incredible levels of energy ...certainly not from carb intake lol...

    The resistance by the ‘establishment’ is just unbelievable ...even Tom it seems a little reluctant to actually state outright he was using a LCHF diet or so it seems....hmmmm...but caution is needed here ...I used to be a Guardian paper supporter but recently cancelled my suppport as their articles have become / are becoming increasingly more blatantly pro-veganism / vegetarian so it maybe the actual so called health reporter who toned down his comments in order to maintain their bias ?


  2. Anthoy
    LCHF it s not sustainable . You will need 5 earthes to feed the 8 billion people . One lb of meat takes 130 gallon of water to make. The LCHF iui s nothing but a fad and modified dr Atkins diet who died from obesity and was dat. You stated you're eating once a day a d that's why you're not fat. Finally, you quit bvb the Guardian because they don't support your belief says a lot about you which doctor John Mcdougall used to say"People love to hear good news about their bad habits".
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  3. Mike
    For over 2 yrs now I have been eating as little carbs as possible, and I still have a sugar level of approximately 130, I try to eat as healthy as possible, like more vegetables, and less red meat, more chicken and fish. I have recently added Okra to my diet, cauliflower rice and mashed cauliflower, everything I drink is supposed to be sugar free so the labels say. I admit I do cheat once in a blue moon. Could it be that the 1500 mg of metformin are really not the answer to my condition? Is there a more natural solution to getting my type 2 diabetes under control? or should I change my medication and seek a different dietary approach to this problem?
  4. RT
    “LCHF it s not sustainable .”
    Yes, it is. LCHF does not necessarily mean meat, and in any case any there is ongoing debate about the role of ruminants and grazing in environmental sustainability.

    The bottom line here is that Tom Watson asserts he reversed his diabetes through LCHF, and there is an abundance of evidence that it LCHF is in fact effective for such treatment. So, what’s the evidence? For example, the work of Dr. Sarah Hallberg of Indiana University:

    As for Atkins allegedly “dying of obesity,” that’s highly debatable at best, and essentially has no bearing on whether LCHF is a viable way of eating. Even if he had “died of obesity,” he is one person and no specific cause - including LCHF / Atkins diet - can be tenably assumed. Despite this, there are still those who pull out the “Atkins died of a heart attack” card, as if that single (unproven) claim destroys the viability of LCHF. (Atkins reportedly died in a coma after an accident, and his widow stated that he gained weight in the hospital as a result of being pumped full of glucose-laden intravenous solution.)

    LCHF is not a “fad” diet, but among other things a treatment for diabetes that has existed since at least the mid-19th century. (Atkins simply re-popularized it and put his own spin on it, e.g. for weight loss.) It was highly effective until government health agencies began recommending increasing carbs, cutting out natural, healthy fats, and claiming that sugar was only “empty calories.” It does not seem a coincidence that diabetes tripled globally within the same period. The “fad diet” is not LCHF. The fad diet is the stupid advice given by government nutrition authorities that has been destroying peoples’ health. (I would assert that the status quo on diabetes treatment has been highly beneficial for those companies which produce insulin, however.)

    LCHF is also effective as a treatment for fatty liver and childhood epilepsy. Moreover, it is perfectly healthy for people generally. You would eventually die from a lack of protein or fat, but it is literally impossible to die from carbohydrate or sugar depletion. This is the biochemical elephant in the room which is ignored by those who decry LCHF as a “fad.” Anyone who meets a dietician who says you absolutely “need” to consume glucose (or something that breaks down into glucose) should run the other way immediately. Dietitian organizations have been unduly influenced by sugar-peddling companies like Kellogg’s and Coca-Cola; they are the embodiment of conflict of interest and I refuse to trust them.

    The viability of LCHF was challenged by the Health Professions Council of South Africa, which sought to remove the medical license of Prof. Tim Noakes on spurious charges of professional misconduct; i.e. because he opined on Twitter that LCHF is a good way to wean babies off breast milk. The prosecution had four years to prepare and present their case and a government budget to work with against one private individual. Despite this, Noakes was found innocent twice, the second time after ruling body appealed their own ruling. If LCHF were just a “fad diet” that makes people obese (as you seem to imply in your comment about Atkins), then it would have been a very simple matter to find Noakes guilty. Instead he - and LCHF - were vindicated, based on actual scientific evidence.

    “People love to hear good news about their bad habits.” A collective ad hominem attack which says nothing about the actual evidence related to the article topic, evidence which you are evidently unaware of or choose to ignore. Thus it is ironic that you insist that Kenrick’s motive in quitting the Guardian is because they don’t support his “beliefs.”

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  5. Kenrick
    RT ...nice answer ...but you really should have just totally ignored the troll


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  6. RT
    You are right, Kenrick, but somehow I couldn’t resist. :)
  7. RT
    Speaking of that quote from John McDougall (somehow I thought it was T. Colin Campbell), if I wanted to hear “good news about my bad habits,” I’d try to convince myself that craft beer helps to control weight. If only! :)
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  8. Kenrick
    Yes if only lol...adore carft beers ...I always have few bottles in order to offer my friends when they visit as I get much pleasure seeing them enjoy the beer ...drinking by proxy I guess lol...

    I have a MSc in Nutrition and Diatectics and feel more than qualified to make my own informed ( researched ) dietary choices ...however, I don’t feel predisposed to lecture others on their own health and life style choices. What annoys me about Veganism is the constant recycling of the same old platitudes ...which like a mantra many have learned by rote without truly understanding what they are reciting plus there sense of standing on a moral high ground etc etc ...

    If only they would spend some time doing some real research into the real science, their rather weak polemic would melt before their very eyes ...

    After all, animal products are used in planes, cars, in mobile phones etc etc ...but I don’t see many Vegans using a horse and cart or not using mobile phones ...and I am certain most still fly ...their cause is very selective ...what about mono-crop soil destruction, hedge row reduction killing lots of small animals ...the list goes on ...

    Fine, if a vegan wants to eat in a nutrient defiecent way ...let them and they certainly would not be lectured by me’s their choice albeit in my opinion a bad one !

    With regard to the Guardian today’s edition their is a huge article on 7 steps to becoming a vegan I would suggest evidence speaks for its self.

    What does really annoy me though is the idea that as a carnivore I don’t care about animal welfare...I hate industrial animal farming it’s an’s disgusting force feeding grain into animals. Ruminating animals should do just that ...then of course we can restore grasslands which in turn has proven to aid CO2 sequestion. There is ample evidence to demonstrate that and conversely plenty of evidence to show mono-cropping has the opposite effect ...and that’s before we even mention the destructive nature of glysophates, and GM crops ...both to us and the environment...

    Keto/LCHF/ Carnivore esting is not hard, it’s healthy, it’s based on real natural foods and for my wife and I it is a pleasurable as well as life sustaining way of eating, and more importantly I don’t need to take supplements in order to maintain my wholesome healthy diet ...


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