‘The weight loss has given me a new life’


Lee struggled with his weight throughout his whole life, even though he followed the conventional high-carb, low-fat dieting advice.

At his heaviest, Lee weighed 458 pounds (207 kilos). That’s when he finally came across the low-carb diet back in February 2017. Since then, he has lost an impressive 247 pounds (112 kilos).

Congratulations, Lee!

Lee’s low-carb story

My name is Lee. I’m 44 and throughout my life — from my younger years through adulthood — it has come to my attention that there’s always been an elephant in the room … ME!

I’ve struggled with my weight all my life, and when I say struggled … I mean struggled.

It wasn’t something that just happened or that I let happen (well, for the most part at least). It was something I never really understood, but just sadly accepted. I was born big, and have always been BIG.

After turning 35, I was advised by doctors I could never lose the weight. I worked with a dietitian, who put me on a low-fat, high-grain diet, which caused my weight to go from 423 pounds (192 kilos) to 456 pounds (207 kilos) in under six months.

After years of failed diets, including starvation, calorie counting, over the counter weight loss products, three and a half years of gym workouts with zero success, I turned to the LCHF lifestyle in February of 2017. My starting weight was 458 pounds (or 207.6 kilos).

One year and two weeks later I hit my goal weight of 209 pounds (or 95 kilos), meaning I had lost 247 pounds (112 kilos) in the process. It was an incredible year. I learned to love myself, which is something I have never been able to do.

The weight loss has given me a new life. I am now doing things I had always wanted to do. I have lots of energy to play with my children and I get to wear nice clothing — something that I’ve always dreamed of doing.

This year, I will compete in two marathons and am doing cross-fit three times a week, since I now want to elevate my health even further and gain some real fitness stamina.

I no longer have an unhealthy relationship with food or obsess over my weight. I no longer weigh myself. I have reverted to using my clothes to guide me.

Be well,

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What a fantastic journey Lee, and a big congratulations to your success! I’m certain you’ll be an inspiration to many people out there :-)

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  1. Kathleen
    Congratulations, Lee. What a tremendous effort and success!
  2. Migo
    Lee u look great! Yes clothes are better indication than scale, agree. pS you should sue that first ‘doctor’!
  3. Fabiane
    Thank you for sharing your story Lee!?????? Very inspiring and how wonderful to see you happy!??? You look amazing! Congratulations and keep inspiring people!???
  4. Thomas
    Great job Lee, you look great it gives me hope that I can do the same. One thing I worry about is the loose skin afterwards.
  5. Nay Dunnaway
    Kudos too you!!! You look fabulous Lee ?
  6. Carolyn Butcher
    Lee congratulations to you you are an inspiration to myself keep up the good work my friend!!!
  7. Shannon
    Holy crap, gain some of that weight back will you? You almost look like a skeleton.
    Reply: #15
  8. Karen
    Congratulations Lee. You look great and you're an inspiration.
  9. Victoria
    You are inspiration. Congratulations and thank you for demonstrating that it can be done.
  10. Andrea
    Shannon, if you can't say something nice...
  11. Andrea
    Congratulations Lee! Very impressive!
  12. 1 comment removed
  13. Sunshine
    Wow.. how amazing.. Good job!!!
  14. Angie Davis
    Great job!!!! That's something to be very proud of!! I had Gastric Bypass 11/2016. Almost died of staph infection. Was in hospital 2 months & had to learn how to walk again. I lost 137lbs total in a year. Right after that my Dad passed away and I've gained back 40 lbs back & im so depressed over it!! I ask myself did i go through all of that for nothing? But like you I've struggled since I was an early teenager. I dont have a car so i cant get out and go places to take my mind off of eating like others. Anyway, very proud of your accomplishment!!! Keep it up!!☺
  15. Lee Rogers
    Hahaha you're not he first to say that :D
  16. BEachHAPPY
    Lee, congratulations on your new you! This is HUGE! Happy for your success, enjoy your life :)
  17. Mary R
    You really took charge of your life and stuck with it. Congrats!
  18. Scott
    Wow, what a before/after shot that guy on the left looks ready to die. You look like you literally fought and got your life back. Thanks for sharing Lee that's so inspiring!

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