Suzanne Ryan shares her dramatic keto weight-loss story on Dr. Oz

Suzanne Ryan shares keto success

Diet Doctor recipe collaborator Suzanne Ryan reaches out to others struggling with their weight through her appearance on the Dr. Oz show this week. The Keto Karma founder told her keto success story with poise and authenticity, connecting with the studio audience with warmth and understanding.

Suzanne’s dramatic weight loss of over 100 pounds in just twelve months served as inspiration for hundreds of thousands watching from home, too. Take a look at the clip to get a sense of the power of her story!

Dr. Oz: One woman’s extreme weight loss on the keto diet

We commented on Ryan’s considerable stage presence and asked her how she looked so poised on-camera. Here is part of her response:

This show was my third time on national TV, and I can tell you it’s nerve wracking every single time. However, I push through because I care so much about this movement, the people’s lives it’s changing and the hope that’s spread. Public speaking in general has always been a fear of mine… To deal with anxiety I often do deep breathing exercises, go for walks, and reread a lot of Brené Browns books about vulnerability, being brave and showing up for life!

At the end of the day, I’m just so incredibly thankful to be a part of reaching so many people who may be struggling like I have. To give someone hope who feels like they’ve tried it all and can’t ever seem to lose weight or get healthier. To show people that this is a livable, approachable and maintainable lifestyle that has the potential to make a huge impact in the obesity epidemic.

Dr. Oz with Suzanne Ryan

For more about Suzanne’s lifelong struggle with her weight and ultimate triumph with a keto diet, check out our coverage of her journey: Losing 120 pounds with keto and the right mindset

And for even more inspiration, prepare one of Suzanne’s recipes, below!


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