How do you lower your body set weight?


How many Bulletproof coffees are allowed per day? How do you lower your body set weight? And what keto meal plan would best suit a pescetarian who doesn’t consume dairy?

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How many Bulletproof coffees are allowed per day?

How many Bulletproof coffees are allowed per day?

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That would depend on your energy needs. I would not recommend drinking multiple Bulletproof coffees per day though, as it’s very low in nutrients beyond energy.

Andreas Eenfeldt

How do you lower your body set weight?

I have noticed that many people that have lost weight on keto find themselves putting the weight back on. I thought that by following a keto diet and using intermittent fasting and occasional 4-5 day fasts would result in not only losing weight but also lower the set body weight thereby protecting you from the yoyo weight. Several people I know who follow a keto lifestyle still watch their caloric intake carefully or they gain weight.


You lower your body set point by changing your lifestyle. If you return to the way you lived before, you’ll eventually regain any weight lost. It’s a bit like exercise (or showering). It only works long term if you keep doing it.

If you keep following the exact same protocol you should be unlikely to gain significant weight back. If you do, I’d suggest looking for things that might have changed, e.g. more special low-carb products, more snacking (cheese, nuts?) or other things that may affect you.

Andreas Eenfeldt


What meal plan would best suit me?


I don’t eat dairy and I’m a pescetarian. I am hoping to lose a bit of weight. What meal plan would best suit me?

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How about this one? Keto #34 – pescetarian

Andreas Eenfeldt


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  1. Dianne
    Unless I'm mistaken, Caroline's question was not answered - she is saying that people who "follow" a Keto lifestyle will gain weight unless they could their calories. It's not a matter of them going back to old habits.
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  2. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Ok, I added some more thoughts, if it's not about that.
  3. Roberta
    Dianne probably did not know answer easier to avoid altogether since no knows how to lower body fat set point we only know how to raise it
  4. Dannielle
    How often can you do the 4-5 day fast? Once a month , every other month ?
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  6. Leslie Hellstrom
    I believe Dr Fung recommends fasting to reset body set weight once you have lost weight and reached your goal weight.
  7. Josh
    Carbohydrates are the only macronutrient that raise leptin and lower stress hormones at the same time. I would think that the only possible way to reset your body fat set point is to do high carb refeeds (or calorie cycling) more and more frequently as you get down to goal weight while using protein to control excessive hunger. takes this approach with a high carb/calorie day for lifting days and a lower calorie/carb day to clear off some bodyfat. I think too many people jump on the Fasting/crash dieting bandwagon without realizing the long term consequences.
    Reply: #13
  8. Sandy
    Hi I am a diabetic, hypothyroid, and high cholesterol which plan would you recommend?
  9. Harry Hale
    A well balanced diet of carbs and protein along with exercise is the best way to manage your weight and keep your body from gaining excess weight. Eating times are also a factor. Breakfast after an hour of waking. Lunch and dinner should be about portion control. No sugery snacks or drinks. No late night snacks or meals after dinner. You should fast about 12 hours a day from dinner to breakfast. This will help keep your glucose numbers down and the weight managable. Take your medicine as prescribed and enjoy a healthy life style.
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  10. Cathy Allison
    Ive been doing keto for 10 wks lost 13 pounds found out with no gallbladder i need a ox bile pill. So that is why im stuck. How many coffees should i have a day
  11. Jordan Craig
    You don't need to intake carbs, your body can create it's own glucose through gluconeogenesis.
  12. Mira
    I am starting week 2 of LCHF. Feeling very tired and sleeping more than usual. Doing 12-16 hour fast after dinner. After meals, my body goes into an "exhaustion" mode 30-45 minutes later. I feel like a truck has hit me, but it eventually passes.

    I have food sensitivities to lots of foods used in Keto (eggs and milk products, oats, almonds, walnuts, sesame, coconut and others like tomatoes, cran/blueberry, all yeasts, beans, alfalfa). When I eat these foods, reactions vary from body-wide edema, severe congestion, sneezing, swollen glands, sore or raspy throat to exhaustion followed by a "food coma" because my immune system reacts to foods as pathogens.

    If I cannot eat most of the products used in high fat "carb copy" meals (cheeses; nut + coconut flours, crusts, bread/wraps, toppings), will I get enough fat from just Olive Oil and avocado to successfully follow LCHF?

    Will exercise help speed up the switch to fat burning?

  13. Yean
    How often should those lifting days or fasting days be? What you have said sounds logical and want to find out more.
  14. Serine
    Harry, this might work for you, but for many extremely overweight people, like me, it does not. Not everyone reacts the same way to the same foods. Just because a certain thing works for you, and we’ve been told by the food industry what to eat, it doesn’t mean it is the best thing for anyone else. Also gut bacteria of thin people are different to obese, and this is proven to have a big impact on things. Maybe obesity will kill us sooner than the the effects of going on an ‘extreme’ lifestyle change. Some people don’t have the luxury of time to find out. The best thing is to do what works for you, that keeps you operating at your best, most effortlessly... good luck!!

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