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Get knowledge and inspiration to lose weight without hunger – and feel better than ever.


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  1. christian rivera
    Hello Dr. Fung,
    My name is Christian Rivera and I have reactive hypoglycemia and I
    have tried everything to cure my condition with eating and exercise
    and have no success. I have heard that fasting can cure many diseases
    but Dr's frown on fasting with hypoglycemia. What is your opinion on
    fasting with hypoglycemia and is it safe and possible.
    Thank you Dr. Fung and I look forward to hear from you.
    Christian Rivera
    Reply: #203
  2. Ashley

    I'm interested in membership, but curious why your recipes don't show total calories or grams of fat/carbs/protein. Is this something that comes with a paid membership?


    Reply: #154
  3. dave
    You say that one can cancel anytime
    Reply: #155
  4. Hello Ashley!

    We would love to see you as a member! :)

    Sorry but we don't want to promote to much "counting" that's why we only have the carbs in gram and we don't have "Calories" as a "member" feature.

    But If you feel that this is important to you then use the formula below to calculate, a bit complicated though. ;-)

    (%PROTEIN / %CARB) * gram_CARB = gram_PROTEIN
    (%FAT / %CARB) * 4/9 * gram_CARB = gram_FAT

    gram_CARB * 4 + gram_PROTEIN*4 + gram_FAT*9 = CALORIES

    I'm interested in membership, but curious why your recipes don't show total calories or grams of fat/carbs/protein. Is this something that comes with a paid membership?

  5. Hi Dave!

    Just press the big cancel button on your account page – linked in the top menu, or through the main membership page.

    You say that one can cancel anytime

  6. 1 comment removed
  7. denise
    Hi i would like to know if you remove a meal from the meal plan. Could you add another recipe and would it change the shopping list.
    Reply: #158
  8. Denise,
    That functionality is coming very soon.
  9. 1 comment removed
  10. Bob
    Hi. I'm in my second week and so far I'm pretty happy. I've lost almost 3 lbs and 1in. But, I'm a single man and I hate to cook. Do you have any receipts that are REAL simple. Such as steak and salad or pork chop and green beans or hamburger patty and salad. I would appreciate any suggestions.
  11. Annie
    Thanks for your website.
    Tomorrow I complete 3 weeks of LCHF.
    I signed up for Free Month's Trial ,but you're emails have tapered off. Is there a reason for that?
    Also, I've put ON 3 pounds since starting the diet.
    I sent an email to Dr Andreas about this but received no response. I understand that he's busy.
    But where should I address my emails to get help?
  12. Michelle
    Do you know if there are carbs in pro plus?
  13. lola
    hello sorry for my english because i spanis speaking. my question is if i suscribe and paid, i want my diet for every month with the requeriments of protein fat and carbohidrate for mi condition it is posible? and if yes please let me know where contac for paid and start my menu and shooping list. thank so much and i very excited.
  14. Shar
    So I have a question, just signed up to do the free 2 week challenge, but can't seem to find it- the only thing I can find is the trial offer for 1 free month- is that one in the same, do I need to sign up for the free trial in order to get the free 2 week challenge? I'm confused.
    Thank you
    Reply: #167
  15. Edward Kowalski
    Dr. Fung,
    I would like to do a daily 13.5 hour fast (last meal at 9:00pm, then brkfst at 10:30am).
    Meals & snacks will be ketogenic.
    Also twice a week, I'd like to limit my calories to under 600 for the same 10:30-9:00 period.
    I will be having hot lemon/ACV/ginger water at 6:30am and Golden Milk at 9:30pm.
    I'm type 2 diabetic, but work with a trainer twice a week and do some solo workouts as well.
    Will the above be sufficient to reap the benefits of an intermittent fast?
    Reply: #166
  16. Hi Edward!

    If you are a member then you can direct questions to Dr Fung here:

    Dr. Fung,
    I would like to do a daily 13.5 hour fast (last meal at 9:00pm, then brkfst at 10:30am).
    Meals & snacks will be ketogenic.
    Also twice a week, I'd like to limit my calories to under 600 for the same 10:30-9:00 period.
    I will be having hot lemon/ACV/ginger water at 6:30am and Golden Milk at 9:30pm.
    I'm type 2 diabetic, but work with a trainer twice a week and do some solo workouts as well.
    Will the above be sufficient to reap the benefits of an intermittent fast?

  17. Hi Shar!

    You don't have to sign up as a member (free for one month) to do the free 2 week challenge.

    You should get a mail with a link to the page...

    So I have a question, just signed up to do the free 2 week challenge, but can't seem to find it- the only thing I can find is the trial offer for 1 free month- is that one in the same, do I need to sign up for the free trial in order to get the free 2 week challenge? I'm confused.
    Thank you

  18. 1 comment removed
  19. RG
    Hi, is it normal to gain weight at the beginning of this program? I just completed my first week and was very strict but gained 3lbs..?
  20. Barry Phillips
    Hello Dr. Eenfeldt,
    I have been following your website for about 3 months and what a blessing it has been for me so far. I found this website while web searching for a diet to help me lose weight. I have been trying for many years to no avail. I am a 52 year old male who is diabetic (type 2) and has hypertension along with being morbidly obese. In September, 2016 I decide, because of health concerns that I would have Bariatric surgery. At my first visit to the clinic I weighed 355 lbs (@ 5'11" tall) which was the heaviest that I have been. My insurance requires that I have 6 monthly visits prior to the surgery to prepare for this dramatic lifestyle change.
    In November, 2016 I discovered this website and began to listen to your videos explaining the LCHF low carb approach to weight loss and I decided to give the strict LCHF diet a try. In December, 2016 I went to the bariatric clinic for my 4th visit and I weighed 9 lbs less (346 lbs) which was encouraging! I also noticed that I felt better than I had, slightly more energetic. Well, on my January, 2017 visit ( a month later) to the clinic I weighed in at 336 lbs!
    Finally, I stepped on the scale at home on February 9th, 2017 and I weighed 316 lbs! I noticed that I have more energy and just feel better.
    I will be posting some pictures soon. Also, I am NOT going to have bariatric surgery. The LCHF diet has been a lifestyle change for me. Everything you and your associated have said about it has been true. I'm not hungry as frequently because I am not taking in all of those starches and sugars. I eat until I'm satisfied. Some days I only eat twice a day and I'm not starving myself. I'm eating good, healthy foods. I also recently became a member and I have been enjoying the informative videos and recipes.
    Thank you and your associates for empowering me with this lifesaving information and the LCHF way of life!
  21. priscilla
    So how does one do vegitarian/vegan low carb?
  22. 2 comments removed
  23. Please email or cancel from your account page.
  24. Alesia
    I need to start a low carb but also need to cut out sugar as well can this site help with that
  25. Noeleenbracher
    Can't carry on with is as I don't use a credit card
  26. Marlene
    I have been following the low-carb diet for two weeks and there has been no difference in my weight? Why? What is happening?
    Thank you, Marlene.
  27. Geraldine Denise
    Legend in Portuguese is "SUBTITLES"!
  28. Lillian A
    I would like to get a one year membership and pay a one time fee of $ 108.00. Is that possible and if so. How do I do it. I would rather not pay monthly
  29. mary lee
    i would also like to pay a one year membership, one time fee of $108, is this possible and how
  30. Michelle
    What is the monthly cost once you join. Australian $ please.
  31. Candace
    Can you eat fruits?
  32. Seta Silverwolf
    I won't be joining since I was unable to use the first two weeks recipes. No variation and no ability to adjust for food allergies or sensitivities or tastes for that matter. I was also wondering how exiting others thought two weeks of the same recommended breakfasts were?
  33. Jeannie
    I would like to know why the diet varies so drastically from one website to the next. You would think that all experts would agree on what foods to eat, however potatoes and fruit are allowed in other ketogenic programs. I would love to understand this better. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  34. 1 comment removed
  35. NicNac
    Hi, I completed the 2 week challenge as part of a gym challenge I am currently doing. My coach at the gym is suggesting carb loading this thursday to fill up "glycogen" stores. I don't really agree with that I don't think... I am going pretty well on the low carb boat and don't want to jeopardize my progress.
    I am following the keto plan and do fast until lunch. After lunch I normally only have 2 meals. I am 1.73 m tall and currently 83 kg's. My aim (for years and years and years) is it to get to 75 kg's. I only had that once after starving myself half to death and couldn't hold the weight. I ran a marathon last year and even through all the hard training I only made it to 79 kg's. I am pretty fit I would say (I also refer to myself as fat fit :)) I train 6 times a week, alternating between boxing / hiit and a slow day on Friday. On the last 2 weeks I lost 2 kg's and I may also credit that loss to not drinking beer / cider every night. I am wondering if the lchf is for me. I have read on this page about the fat bombs and how fat people just get fatter eating them. I am a bit afraid eating too much fat / mayo / butter... I don't really see progress... and I really stuck to the plan... I know it's early days... Any advice / comments? Thanks already :) ps. I and signed up as a member to the diet doctor page
  36. Barbara
    I am new on this. I am 30 years old female. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 15 and have been in several treatments to palliate the symptoms. Now I am having Yasmine (bcp), a low dose of metformin and dutasteride, all in order to treat my hair loss, excess hair and absence of periods. Even though I am not overweight, do sport,have an active job/life and my insulin levels are normal.
    I wonder if a low carb diet could help me with this problem and if I would need to be in ketosis for it.
    I´ve been reducing my carb intake under 80 for a week and feel good, but I worry about if being too restrictive would harm me more than benefit... I also wonder if the benefits of this diet for PCOS are only due to weight loss or have another considerations.
    I would love your advice about this because I am a bit loss....thanks a lot!:-)
  37. Cat
    Where is the member login?
  38. Brenda
    Hi Dr Fung,
    I've been intermittent fasting on the 36 hours fast regime like you've suggested in your book " The Complete Guide to Fasting" for the last two months and am on the strict keto diet. My fasting blood sugars haven't change much except on the fasting days by very little. They are still high. What else should I be doing? Do I have to keep up the 36 hours intermittent fasting until the fasting blood sugars get to normal? Thank you.
  39. Lisa

    I'm looking for a member's only, private, low carb forum where I can get and give support and interact with other low carbers. Do you provide that with a membership? Thank you.

  40. Barbara Love
    How would I follow the program and not loose weight? I don't want nor need to loose weight, but I do need to kick my sugar addiction.Since everything is low carb, am I allowed to make and have a dessert at any time in the program? When I'm feeling low on energy I get into my infrared sauna, and come out feeling much better, is that because the sauna is assisting in the detoxing procedure?
  41. Janan Dean
    I would like to do a version of this diet but I have at least 2 issues. 1 of them I can handle myself, a soy allergy. The main thing about that is I can't eat eggs every day because the eggs are full of soy because of the feed from the chickens.

    My second concern, and I'll call my epileptologist, is how far can I go with this since I have epilepsy and take Topamax? I was told by a previous neurologist that you can't do a Ketogenic Diet at all. What information do you have on this?

  42. Lizzie
    Hello. I am interested in joining but I am a vegan and I find many low carb plans are not aimed at any vegans. Are you able to advise if you have a meal plan and recipes aimed at vegans? Thanks
  43. joyce dennis
    I also would like to pay an one time fee by money order for a year..can this be a consideration? joyce
  44. Roberta
    I have been on this diet for three weeks but really just did one week of the trial. I was wondering when or if I can try out a desert on this 2 week period. Not hungry but would love to see how they taste because everything else is absolutely fantastic. No hunger at all . Roberta
  45. eva
    Dear Dr Jason
    Please I'm Eva a Ghanaian , I just got to know through check up that my sugar level is 9.3 and aic is 7.2 please what intermittent fasting period would you suggest and diet plans as well. I don't want to be on drugs.
  46. Lee
    Dear Dr Jason
    I have been fasting a while now and I am also tracking my calories on myfitnesspal

    I want to lose body weight but I want to retain as much muscle in the process too

    Therefore I had the belief that I must ensure I eat at least the minimum of my BMR calories which is 2000 calories, I worked my TDEE out at 3000 therefore a 500 calorie deficit for me is 2500.

    Since fasting, during my 8 hour eating window I tell myself to try to eat 2500 calories.... I must not go over 2500, however I must eat at least the minimum of 2000 calories which is my BMR.

    I am also ensuring my protein is high at 1g per pound of my body weight which is 196gram, then the rest of the calories are usually 100gram of fat and 100gram of carbs (roughly).

    Could you just give me some advice, is this the right thing to do for effective fat loss? Whilst retaining muscle? If not could you suggest some tweaks for me please

    Many thanks

  47. Mary Scott
    I am pretty sure my month is up and I cannot find where I actually become a member or how much that will cost.
  48. Paul pospisil
    Good afternoon Paul here.
    I am 7 days into the two week challenge and saw the bit about missing a meal or skipping one as a form of fasting to maximize your weight lose. I started at 217.8 last Thursday, today sitting at 211 and am doing the strict carb program. Low carbs is a challenge on its own, who knew so many foods have so many cabs!
    My question is how does one do this as a diabetic, when we have been told to eat to fuel the fire so to speak. I am taking the two week challenge very seriously and will see my doctor again on the 26th ( she was the one who put me onto diet doctor!
    Best regards
    Paul Pospisil
    Sent from my iPhone
  49. Liviu
    Hi, I'm on this diet for six months now and I've taken some tests that shows high total cholesterol of 223 mg/dl and LDL cholesterol 162.4 mg/dl. Why is that? Are those not supposed to be lower?
  50. carol
    I love this site and all the information,Can I ask a question? Is there a way I can lower my monthly membership fees? Like advertsing for Diet DOctor or sending the DD links?
  51. james harless
    please advise. since many experts like yourself, promote LCHF, but many others promote Only carb in vegetables and fruit, ( even for heart disease, which many with diabetes do
    need to be acting in prevention mode on risk, etc.) and little or no meat, eggs, fat other than what is in vegetables. So one extreme eating method , mostly fat and some protein, or mostly plants. two extreme options. However, very many who are type II diabetics just eat in middle, some carbs, and some protein, and less saturated fat, MIDDLE. So given how important it all is to USA health, with an overload of diabetics, why is there only the extremes, they both sound like they have some merit. Do you think they , the two extremes, are both right, even if our instinct would say these two extremes cannot both be right? Those who say moderation in all things might be the most wrong, perhaps the Moderation only works for those already in great health in first place.
    So reading about the extremes and the middle , at least 3 distinct options, a lot of people just say , what the heck, just eat as I please! jim h.
    Why no clear outspoken group or agency who steps up with more proof and more evidence and more pronounced supporters than any Others?
  52. Jessica Coe
    Hi, Christian. I am not a doctor by any stretch, but I too suffer from severe hypoglycemia. When I started the diet, the reactive hypo got a little worse for about the first week or two, but then it went away completely. What I did during the times when the sugars in my body went low was to have a spoonful or two of peanut butter or a piece of fruit with peanut butter. I did not over do it on the carbs by any stretch, but I eased my body into it more slowly with more natural foods like that. I did not run for a piece of bread or candy, etc. Hope this helps! I am down 23 pounds and still losing with no more heartburn and no more hypoglycemia!
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