Intermittent fasting success stories: Women 0-39


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  • Minus 50 pounds in four months on the keto diet
  • Losing 95 lbs in a year with LCHF and intermittent fasting
  • The keto diet: "I have come back from the dead"
  • "Long story short is that keto completely changed my life"
  • The keto diet: "I have never felt better in my life!"
  • "Now I've got the rest of my fantastic new sugar-free life to live!"
  • Losing 73 pounds in 10 months with LCHF
  • "From shy wallflower to empowered sunflower"
  • "I never dreamed that I could be slim – yet I'm already back at my high school weight"
  • "All this is possible while enjoying bacon and eggs"
  • "I knew straight away that this diet was the only choice for me"
  • Succeeding and then giving back



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