“I never dreamed that I could be slim – yet I’m already back at my high school weight”

Before and after

Before and after

Danielle had been overweight her entire life. Being tired of failing on a low-fat diet she searched the internet and found low-carb.

Here’s her story.

The Email

Hello Andreas,

I have been on low-carb for over a year and a half now. This picture is a comparison of my birthday weekends in summers 2014 and 2015 with a difference of forty pounds between them. I have since lost another ten pounds as a result of intermittent fasting.

I am not perfect with LCHF but I no longer eat filler foods that I do not enjoy in the name of “health”. Now I get to eat cheese without the crackers and burgers without the bun.

Thank you for your wonderful diet advice. I never dreamed that I could be slim yet I’m already back at my high school weight. I’m only twenty pounds away from a weight that I haven’t been since I was ten years old.

I have been overweight my entire life. I would occasionally try to limit my fat intake such as putting less cheese on spaghetti to no avail. Then I went to university and gained the freshman fifteen. I lost the freshman fifteen during the following summer of 2013 on a low-fat diet. When I returned to school, my friends were worried about my lack of eating. I gained the sophomore fifteen during the school year and even more during the summer of 2014 after a breakup.

I was at the highest weight I’d ever been and I also had been diagnosed with high blood pressure. My mom was concerned about my health but I did not want to fail on another low-fat diet. I was still heartbroken and spending all of my time online when I stumbled upon keto which led me to discover your website. I was excited to discover that I could eat all of my favourite foods like cheese and butter without guilt! I had never felt so satisfied.

Losing weight has not been the only advantage. My blood pressure is also under control now. Also, I used to fall asleep all the time in my university lectures despite adequate sleep levels. I have not fallen asleep once in class on the LCHF lifestyle. There have also been considerable improvements to my mental health.

I am eternally grateful that I found out about LCHF in my early twenties since diabetes and high blood pressure runs in my family. Now I have fewer worries over my future state of health.

Thank you again,


Congratulations to you, Danielle! You’ve come a long way – thank you for sharing your inspiring story with us, and keep up the good work!

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  1. Jules
    Fantastic! I love seeing stories like Danielle's.

    I have a question for all of you though. I have a friend in the USA who I put onto LCHF - He has lost tons of weight and looks ten years younger and tells me that his energy and life have improved dramatically as a result.

    The problem is, he recently went to a GP for a checkup and they measure his cholesterol. They were very concerned with the results and told him that he is at a 46% risk of a heart attack as a result of his cholesterol levels.

    He is eating pretty strict LCHF but is now very worried about this heart attack "risk" and wants to stop LCHF.

    What do I tell him?

    Reply: #3
  2. Jenny
    I really love that phrase! I'm also experimenting the same thing as you, now I'm almost on my High School weight and working hard to achieve even more! It's possible people, just be motivated! I started a journal/blog type and I invite you to follow me so we can learn together! jennydiet.com I also have some photos take a look at! Thank you! god bless you
  3. BobM
    Hi Jules,

    Suggest he read "The Great Cholesterol Con" by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick. Also, there's really no way they can determine your risk of getting heart disease. It's based on smoke and mirrors.

    If he wants to read something before he gets the book, suggest this:


    And have him download and read the Credit Suisse document referenced in that article. In my opinion, Credit Suisse is 100 % correct.

    Reply: #4
  4. Jules
    Thank you very much Bob! Much appreciated. I shall send him the links.

    Does this mean that many doctors/GP's are behind the times and basically working off wrong outdated information in good faith?

    All the best, Jules.

    Reply: #5
  5. BobM
    I would say so. For instance, the calculator they use is completely inane and really meant to push people into taking statins.

    Also, there are many studies that conflict with the current guidelines. "High" (total) cholesterol is associated with more deaths from heart disease (at least in some studies), but is also associated with longer life overall (primarily due to less cancer and disease, as there's some type of relationship between cholesterol and the immune system), particularly in women. I would say that Kendrick's book has a good introduction to these concepts, and is funny to read. There are quite a few other books from different authors too, which reach similar conclusions.

    For me, after being on low carb for about 3 years, my HDL (the so called good cholesterol) has increased, my LDL (the so called bad cholesterol) has stayed about the same, as has my total cholesterol. My triglycerides have plummeted. I have a better profile now than when I was on low fat.

    Personally, I think all of these are simply markers for insulin resistance and high blood sugar. Those -- in my opinion -- are much more likely to kill you than cholesterol.

    Although this gets into the technicalities of cholesterol. This person believes (as I do) that insulin resistance, insulin, and blood sugar are better indicators for risk for heart disease than are cholesterol levels (or any measures of these, and the list is a mile long: HDL, LDL, Lp(a), ApoB, LDL-p..., various ratios of these...).

  6. Cindy C
    Thanks Bob,

    After a high fat/low carb, diet, my cholesterol level was considered high, but it was also considered high after I followed a low fat diet. On the high fat diet, my trigs were only 70, my ratios were, according to my test results, were "desirable" and "1/2 average risk". My hs C reactive protein was only .076 which is considered a low risk for cardiovascular disease. I am also slim, and my H A1C was 5.3.


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