Intermittent fasting success stories: Men 40+


  • Meet Jason, seven months in on keto and IF
  • How do you break through a stall? Calvin’s weight-loss experiment
  • With one foot in the grave, Robert turned things around and lost 200 lbs
  • The keto diet: "It has completely changed my life!"
  • A different path to the same destination
  • How Gino reversed his type 2 diabetes by doing the opposite
  • "Thank you for saving my life!"
  • "It just feels like common sense now"
  • The keto diet: "My health has never been better"
  • How John Fagley reversed his diabetes by eating MORE fat
  • The keto diet: "It's unbelievable that it could be this easy"
  • "Thanks to LCHF, I reversed my type 2 diabetes and life Is good again"
  • Jim's low-carb success story
  • Reversing diabetes – "it sounded almost too good to be true"
  • "Guess what, he’s not diabetic anymore!!!!"
  • The keto diet: "I feel 1000% better"
  • "Back from the grave"
  • "Today, I was declared not currently diabetic!"

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