“How much protein should one eat on low carb?”


How much protein do you recommend that one eats on a low-carb or keto diet? Why am I not losing weight faster? And what will happen to my cholesterol and triglycerides on low carb?

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How much protein?

Do you recommend a limit on protein on an LCHF diet?


That is mostly handled by not eating when not hungry. Protein is very satiating so it’s hard to overeat to any significant degree. But if you’re having difficulties losing weight despite a very low-carb diet it can be worth moderating protein intake, and perhaps adding some intermittent fasting.

Andreas Eenfeldt

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Why I have only lost four pounds (2 kg) in 3 weeks?

I have done intermittent fasting for the past 3 weeks and I have been eating less than twenty grams of carbs as well. I don’t know what I am doing wrong.


Maybe you’re doing everything right? If you have plenty of excess weight to lose I’d recommend to keep going, sometimes it can be a bit slow in the beginning (especially if you’re coming off a low-calorie diet). If you’re close to normal weight it’s very normal to lose slowly, and it will keep slowing down as you get closer to the final pounds to lose until the body feels it’s at your normal weight.

Andreas Eenfeldt

Will an LCHF diet increase my cholesterol and triglycerides?

Will an LCHF diet increase my cholesterol and triglycerides?


Total cholesterol: on average, yes, a tiny bit.
Trigs: No, it will go down on average by quite a lot.

Andreas Eenfeldt


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