The low-carb diet: “It has been 6.5 wonderful and eye-opening months”

Berries and Whipped Cream – The Ultimate Low-Carb Treat

Marina’s occasional low-carb treat

Can starting a low-carb diet give you a few new holes in your belt and make you more productive at work? And can it make you stop being “hangry” and losing your sweet tooth?

Well, this is what Marina would say if you asked her:

Hi Dr. Andreas!

Yes, it has been 6.5 wonderful and eye-opening months, indeed.

I feel much more informed, in control, and overall aware of what I eat, and how I should eat (for example, absolutely no need for many small meals and snacks throughout the day, and that it’s OK to not eat breakfast especially if you are not hungry). Most of the info I learned from your site, but also some other sites online.

I have lost 20 kg (44 lbs) in this time. I don’t have anger issues when I’m hungry (I believe there is even a term for it, “hangry”). I have more longevity and I’m more productive at work. I look forward to being social and I have more desire to walk around. I have made a few new holes in my belts, and I actually LIKE having my picture taken now. I also had to splurge a little on a new wardrobe.? I have to say all this happened without exercise. I plan on starting weight training soon to firm up a bit and work on that body fat % a little bit more – but I’m amazed at how much food has an impact, and it is indeed true that you cannot out train a bad diet!

I won’t lie, it has not been completely effortless. It did, and still does, take some effort, mainly re-programming my habit to eat emotionally, and to overcome those carb and sugar cravings in the beginning. Like everyone else, I do have some tricky social situations when I’m being pushed to have “just one slice” of cake, that it was ‘OK’. I admit sometimes I did have “just that one slice”, but I did not experience the same joy eating sugar as I used to. My taste’s changed. Most cakes, pastries, etc. became too sweet and odd tasting. 85-99% chocolate became my “go-to” chocolate on the occasion that I did want something sweet, especially when it’s grated over heavy whipped cream and berries ? I can’t even imagine eating an orange now… How sweet that would taste. Or a coke. Ugh.

In the beginning, I did track my food to get an approximate picture of what I was putting in my body, and what works for me and what doesn’t. And if I ever feel like I’m falling back into old habits, I track again for a week or two just to regain control. Mostly I follow my hunger though.

What I eat…

Meats made many ways (preferraby avoiding deep fried), fish, eggs, oils such as olive oil, butter, olives, leafy vegetables, other above-ground vegetables, mushrooms, hard cheeses and cream cheese, heavy cream, berries, almonds, other things I can’t think of right now… I do 16:8 fasting on work days, with the first meal being lunch around 12 or 1. I did not start off fasting, it would have been too many changes at once and overwhelming.

I hardly ever make desert imitations, mainly because I’m lazy, but also because erythrol and xylitol just taste funny to me. I have a stevia plant but even that tastes funny. I’d rather have a real food like the berries and cream I mentioned above, to an “imitation” dessert. I do not make fat bombs or BPC, I think that is uneccessary if you eat enough fat from real food sources, and I do not like liquid calories. At least for now, who knows what I will want to do try in the future.

I eat at restaurants. A lot. Usually due to work. Even though it’s not ideal as you can’t control all the ingredients, oils used, etc. I still manage without much of a fuss (usually get some type of meat or fish and ask to substitute the potato or rice side dish with grilled vegetables; beef or chicken soups/broths; grilled chicken Cesar salad without croutons, etc.)

It’s amazing what six months of low carb and keto can do. And I’m just getting started!

Thank you and your team sincerely for all that you do!



Congratulations to your success Marina, and thank you for sharing your story!

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