Help – I’m on week one but haven’t lost any weight!


Does a keto diet reduce inflammation? How low in carbs should you go? And what should you do if you didn’t lose any weight in the first week?

Get the answers in this week’s Q&A with Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt:

Does being in ketosis reduce inflammation in the body?

I have acute inflammation in my body and I would like to know if living a low-carb diet will reduce the inflammation?


It appears that inflammation can be reduced for some people, and some studies have shown reduced inflammatory markers on low-carb diets. So possibly, yes. But it may depend on the cause of the inflammation, get rid of the root cause and the inflammation will definitely be reduced.

Andreas Eenfeldt

How low in carbs should I go?

I just started a week ago, down 8 lbs (4 kg), and am trying to keep my carbs down under 20 g. It’s very difficult when I try to accurately score carb grams as there seems to be carbs in everything.

I thought I heard you say in an interview that your daily carb intake was around 5? Did I hear wrong and if not, how do you keep so low and where are you getting your carbs from?


Getting carbs down to 5 grams per day is extremely hard, and no, I do not do that myself.

I think it’s usually enough to get down to 20 net carbs daily which is substantially easier than 20 total carbs.

Andreas Eenfeldt


Week 1 and I did not lose weight

I am 344 pounds (156 kg) and thought it would melt off, but the scale has not moved. I’m a little confused with a few things.

  1. Are there portions I should be limiting myself to? Or just eat until full?
  2. Track food so i know exactly how many carbs I am eating? Should calories be counted too?

I do not want to give up because I see the success others have. How can I tweak this so I lose weight?


Hi Kim!

Sometimes it takes one or several weeks before weight loss starts, especially when going from calorie reduction to eating as much low-carb foods as required to stay satiated. I still believe – as do most low-carb experts – that eating as much as you need to feel satisfied is the best way to get started, even if it occasionally takes slightly longer to get the weight loss going.

Tracking carbs can be a good idea when starting out, and limiting them to 20 grams per day, but I do not recommend limiting calories, especially not initially. Instead, try to get used to feel when you’re hungry or not, and only eat when you’re hungry.

To make it simple to stay under 20 grams of carbs per day – with no counting – use our free 2-week keto challenge or our premium keto meal planner (free trial one month).

Andreas Eenfeldt


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  1. Bill Reinecke
    I’m athletic and my experience is that weight loss stops when I ramp up exercise. This is owing to the hunger that follows intense exercise. From this and seeing others’ experiences leads me to conclude that carb reduction and using fasting in place of snacking is the way to go. Exercise is for fun and health, not weight loss. This is fairly well known too among trainers. Hitting the gym can salve the ego: “Look how hard I’m working!” But it is soon followed by “”look how much I’m eating.” Low carb curbs appetite and has intrinsic metabolic benefits. Stay with that and enjoy some exercise for the hell of it. Fun is underrated. Self abuse over rated.
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  1. matt oka wirawan
    Hi Kim, I was 75kg. Having been doing hiit of total 100 reps push ups, 100 reps squats, 25 reps pull ups, all in 20 mnts n diet very low carb, always much vegetable for brekfst, lunch, n dinner. Now i'm 62 kg. My bmi 22.23. Oh i'm 72 years young.
    Good luck.

    Matt Oka

  2. John Henry
    The old rule still applies this day. You must exercise and move your body this is the reason most fail in weight loss these fad diets out there lead Uneducated people to believe that just eating less will she'd the weight. Not the case at all don't believe it because most of these so called nutritionists want is just to steal your money. Get moving and eat less portions plus, healthy foods not the junk. That said, GET YOUR BODY MOVING!!! you'll be glad you did.
  3. Lil
    I've been on keto for a while and got amazing results. The best advise I learned from the beginning of keto is to learn and listen to your body. Is your health improving, do you feel better? I celebrate the fact that I don't need afternoon naps anymore and adult acne is gone. I can jog a mile with no problem, and keep up with my kids. Weighloss is a bonus but if I never loose a pound again, I won't go back to eating how I used to.
  4. Bill Reinecke
    I’m athletic and my experience is that weight loss stops when I ramp up exercise. This is owing to the hunger that follows intense exercise. From this and seeing others’ experiences leads me to conclude that carb reduction and using fasting in place of snacking is the way to go. Exercise is for fun and health, not weight loss. This is fairly well known too among trainers. Hitting the gym can salve the ego: “Look how hard I’m working!” But it is soon followed by “”look how much I’m eating.” Low carb curbs appetite and has intrinsic metabolic benefits. Stay with that and enjoy some exercise for the hell of it. Fun is underrated. Self abuse over rated.
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  5. Dawn Cooper
    I lost 70 lbs by counting my carbs and calories. I have been told on many occasions that most weight loss is 80/20. 80% diet 20% exercise. That proved true to me, however I am in a job that keeps me on my feet all day. My fitbit reports around 7500 steps to 10,000 on the 5 days a week that I work. On my days off I have around 5000 steps.
    I lost the 70 lbs over a period of one year. This February 1018 will be 3 years for me. I have gained back around 15 lbs over the past three years. And I am convinced that I will not loose the weight unless I accurately track every carb and calorie. I use my fitness pal to do that. I hate the extra time involved with tracking. It seems I lie to my self about what I am eating. Tracking tells me the truth. Lol
  6. Ms. V
    Low carb lifestyles are not a fad exercise is essentially for heart heart and building strength etc. But you can exercise for a hour and only burn 500 calories or not eat a snicker and lose 500 calories. People have been eating meals high in carbs for centuries that why we have an obesity epidemic.
  7. Ms. V
    Thanks for telling the truth!
  8. Olay.
    Thank you Bill Reinecke. I'm athletic too and what you described has been my struggle. I eat more after working out! Which undo anything that I gained from the workout. In the last 1 year, I have stuck to keto diet and the weight finally fell off ! 21lbs to be exact. Now, I run for fun and to stay healthy. just to get my heart rate up and break a sweat.
  9. Ethical Person
    I find the opposite to be true. Low carb diets are fads. The body's primary source of fuel is Carbohydrate. The brain is glucose. Ketosis is a survival mode for the body in times of famine. We don't live in such an era. It's a state of sickness (hunger suppression) to take your attention away from the pain of being hungry. Look at the science and what's natural
  10. Ethical Person
    ...and just to point out the obvious, I'm not referring to simple carbs or refined ones. I'm for whole fruits and veggies. Carbs don't make you fat.
  11. Keto Rico
    I am just over 14 months on KETO and down about 65lbs, I didn't lose any weight in the first 5-6 days and then lost 19 in the first month. I know at first I definitely focused on getting the high fat intake...very important, lots of bacon, avocados, etc. I stick to less than 20 total carbs a day, not net. It's not that hard and easier to keep track of. I haven't lost any weight in the last 45 days, but my clothes are still fitting looser and looser. I can definitely still see progress, just not on the scale. Message me on Instagram if you have any questions, here to help!! :)
  12. Dave
    Exercise is not for weight loss? That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Sure if you eat more calories than you burned after your workout it's not going to help.. that sounds more like a personal problem. But to say that working out doesn't help in weight loss is absolutely insane. I've been on the keto diet for 2 weeks, and have dropped 8 pounds (only looking to lose 15 to 20 total). I workout everyday, have a protein shake after (about 150 calories) followed by healthy dinner a couple hours after. If you aren't losing weight, you can either eat less or workout more. Start out by walking for 30 minutes a day and incorporating light weight exercises if you can.
  13. Sandy
    I’m on week 3 only down 2lbs. I was going to switch eating plans but something said keep going. So I am. I do feel better but wish the scale would move. I’m 62 191lbs and thought I would have lost more by now. Back in the days I lost 35 lbs and averaged at least 3lbs a week. A bit frustrated but I’ll keep at it. The alternative is not an option.
  14. John Hrusky
    I believe the problem some people have with exercise and not losing weight is that they do not understand that it is virtually impossible to out-exercise a bad diet.
  15. Helen
    Off topic but I’ve been Keto since November 17 but I’ve just had a very bad day stressful and away from home a day full of carbs I fell awful and will get back on track. Does anyone have any tips for me? Thanks.
  16. Ward C
    I can't express my frustration enough. After seeing the amazing success my wife had going Keto, I got on board. I gained 6 pounds in the first week but then lost 22 over the next 4 weeks, adding in intermittent fasting. Over the past 60 days, I have not lost a pound. We have a blood testing kit and I frequently check my levels. For whatever reason, I haven't been able to ever generate very high ketones levels. The highest has been 2.1 and that came at a time I would least expect my levels to be up at all. I read that the numbers don't really matter so as long as I stayed above 0.5, I would forge ahead. Over the last 3 days, I have completed 2 24 hour fast, eating dinner only and those being meals cooked by my wife who is really good at preparing Keto meals, and this morning, after only 2 cups of black coffee, my Ketones are 0.2! I have fallen out of nutritional ketosis! How is this possible. I have gone over and over everything and am tighter than the month I lost the 22 pounds yet the numbers indicate zero progress for 2 months. Oh, and I regularly exercise, am fairly active and am in good shape. I am trying to stay the course.
  17. Denise Watkins
    OK I use the Carb Manager app I never go over in my macros I've been doing this nine weeks and initially lost 9 pounds in the first week and have lost nothing since then I drink nothing but unsweet tea with liquid Stevia and water I follow my macros to the T , I have check for every hidden carbs fat and what have you and spices food and anything that goes into this mouth , yet here I remain nine weeks later without any more weight loss. !! I am beyond frustrated ! And it is not just me I have done so much research where there are a ton and yes I do mean a ton of people having the same results and have been just as dedicated as myself ! If I am using a Carb Manager app and not going over and only eating what I am allowed to eat on the strict ketogenic lifestyle then why in gods green earth am I not losing this ungodly fat ??? I eat organic grass fed brown eggs are use 8020 hamburger meat that is organic and grass fed and buy organic fresh veggies only nothing frozen nothing canned ! I do not use the almond or coconut flowers I do not use fat bombs I do not eat any keto desserts whatsoever I haven't even been able to get to that point !! I do not drink any almond milk the only dairy I get will be in cream cheese when I make poppers and I measure and weigh everything !! Now tell me what I'm doing wrong does anyone know some say you're not eating enough some say to match some say knock off dairy some say increase my fat too much conflicting information to many people with opinions and so much confusion and here I sit after nine weeks of hard effort and no closer to where I thought I would be at this time .
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  18. Brittany
    Hi dawn! I read your comment about the amazing results you had and it gave me hope!!! I am 25 and over past 3 years have gained around 50 lbs :( maybe more. I have never been overweight in my entire life and its such a struggle. Anyways, i started the ketogenic lifestyle about 1.5 weeks now.... everyone says they lose a lot of weight even in the first week. Did you experience fast weight loss? And how strict were you with tracking your macros? I would love to lose that amount of weight in a year omg!! Seriously you lost that in only a year?! Amazing! Did you also work out a lot too? I dont really notice a change in my weight yet:(


  19. Diana
    hi Denise - I can relate - similar issues with my keto diet of 11 days - did you get any responses that helped that you would share with me?
  20. Brooke
    Hey, so I’ve been on the keto diet for about a week now. I’m currently down 3lbs. I was wondering should most of your carbs come from veggies? I’ve been staying below 30g net carbs and I have a keto app that helps track my calories, fat, protein, and carb intake but I find I don’t eat a bunch of veggies a day. Someday way more than others. Will that affect my weight loss ? Also I wanted to find out more about intermittent fasting. I find that after being on the keto diet for a week I’m not usually hungry until around 1ish, which I eat a big lunch and then I have a small dinner with maybe 1 snack in between.
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  21. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    Yes, most carbs should come from veggies. That being said, if you don't want to eat 30g carbs worth of veggies, there's no requirement to do so!

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