“Help! I’m never satisfied”

Ask Bitten Jonsson

Help! What can you do if you’re never satisfied – even on a keto diet! Are fried tomatoes and mushrooms allowed? And can you overcome a long-term carb addiction?

These and other questions are answered this week by our food-addiction expert, Bitten Jonsson, RN:

Help! I’m never satisfied


No matter what foods I eat, I still always feel that I want something more to satisfy. Am I addicted to something? Do you have any book to recommend?


Hello T,

This is very common among us sugar/flour addicts and we call it cravings. In dealing with that, it is very important to take away any foods (and alcohol) that contain sugar and flour so not to trigger our reward systems. I assume you always read food labels.

Next thing is to look at food as comfort and/ or reward and to start changing our thoughts, feelings and behavior, the third is to have support from peers. This is how we collect new tools to deal with our sugar/flour addiction.

It is very energy draining to obsess about food and when we change what we eat we still have to work on the obsessing part. I see many sugar addicts changing food but they do not work on the rest (now they obsess about LCHF/keto) and that usually lead to relapse.

Join our closed support group on Facebook “Sugarbomb in your brain” and read Dr. Vera Tarman/Phil Werdell’s book Food Junkies and Terence Gorski’s book Staying Sober, about alcohol and exchange the word alcohol for sugar.

Take one step at a a time, one day at a time.

Vegetables and sugars?

Hi Bitten!

I am planning to start the keto diet this week. I take my dad out for breakfast once per week. I am wondering what I can eat at the cafe. I know I can have eggs, but can I include mushrooms and tomatoes (fried)? Also, can I use xylitol in my coffee as a sugar substitute?



Hello Nick, what a nice thing to do to take your dad out.

It of course depends on what type of café you visit but at most places there is not a problem to eat according to keto. I can eat both mushrooms and tomatoes at times, it’s more of a matter how sensitive we are.

I prefer green veggies if I have a choice and of course it matters what type of fat you add. When I eat out I carry some coconut oil and butter and stay low on the veggies. Enjoy your time together with dad. As for the sweetener I recommend you avoid it to not trigger cravings from sweet taste.


Can I overcome my long-term carb addiction?

Hi Bitten,

I have basically been a carb consumer my entire life, always overweight and trying any diet out there. 13 years ago our 16-year old son was killed in a car accident. Since then I didn’t care what my health situation was, I saw a counsellor this summer and now want to be healthy.

I have been on the keto diet for 4 weeks, 5 pounds (2 kg) gone, have been very faithful because my body is so insulin resistant, diabetic for 17 years.

I want to continue to have hope and know this will work, but am starting to be doubtful. Can this work for me or am I an oddball that can’t be helped? Thank you! Is it possible to overcome this insulin resistance?


Dear Lisa,

I am so sorry for the loss of your son and understand that it is a horrible trauma. But I will assure you that the keto lifestyle is the way to go for you in reclaiming your health and you are so worth that now.

We are in for the long haul, 4 weeks is a good start. I suggest you start looking deeper in to sugar addiction and learn about the brain, relapse prevention skills and all the things we need to learn in order to stay “drug free” form sugar and flour.

Start with reading Dr. Vera Tarman’s and Phil Werdell’s book Food Junkies and if you are on Facebook please join our closed group “Sugarbomb in your brain” for more knowledge and support, there is where you will find hope among peers.

My best,


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