“My doctor is quite impressed with my success”


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Can a keto diet help you get in better shape than ever, not just physically, but mentally? Judging from what Tonya has to say, this seems to be the case:

The email

My name is Tonya and I wanted to share my keto success to possibly inspire and motivate someone who may be struggling with weight loss.

At the time that I learned about keto I was in a bad place physically and mentally. I was on medication for depression and anxiety, and was a very unhappy, unhealthy person. I was very desperate to lose weight – I just had not found the right “diet” to help me lose weight and keep it off.

In September of 2016 I saw a YouTube video with a young lady that claimed she lost 35 pounds (16 kg) in a month following a keto diet. I watched the video and was very skeptical, however after she said she ate bacon and eggs every morning and mentioned eating butter, avocados I thought to myself “hey it’s worth a shot.”

I started my new life in September, 2016 wearing a size 22 pants and well over 230 pounds (104 kg). In March of this year I reached my goal of wearing a size 14. I have not encountered any problems maintaining my weight, I still eat LCHF food every day. I have learned that diets don’t work, keto isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle.

As far as a number I don’t actually know how much I weight I lost because I don’t waste time with scales because I know how they can play tricks with your mind.

As of June I’m no longer taking any meds at all. My doctor is quite impressed with my success,she said she “wished she had more patients like me.” I’m very happy with and spend a lot of time sharing keto with anyone that will listen.



It’s fantastic to hear that you are in better shape both physically and mentally, Tonya! Keep up the great work.

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